Monday, January 9, 2012

Red Riding Hood

We just got back from our Christmas Vacation to Disneyland! yay! I took so many pics and got so much inspiration I am refreshed!

I decided to start a few fairy tale dolls.  Red is the first and she is almost complete. I will probably be listing her today on Etsy.  I hate to say what I have planned because anyone who follows my ramblings knows I work in a way that I never know who the dolls are until they tell me. I know they will be fairy tales but what ones I cannot tell LOL
She has a new style shoe for me its a cloth boot. I saw so many young girls wearing these mocassin style lace up boots I just loved them. The last pic you get a glimpse of them. The eyes are new for me too. They are a different translucent clay than I normally use. They have a warmer almost yellow white . I like the look and plan to make several new eyes. Like I need more! lol
Goth stripes and crazy stitches everywhere make her one of my all time favorite dolls. Her red hood is removable and I have stained it with ink. I think she has certain attitude about her even tho she is only about 8" length.

New January girls~Kit SOLD
Gypsy SOLD
3 more on their way! :D


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