Friday, January 27, 2012

More Bloody Fun....

Lissa has no idea what she just ate. ugh was it a chicken? She hopes so! Her stomach is a little upset. 

I had to take more pics with the low light and the color selector on my camera I just love how the vampires look, all dark and mysterious. Her Blood is painted on with artist watercolors and a dab of artist acrylic on her chin and leg ;)
I used the eyes I had made for my Zombies; so she would have an eerie look. Her "flesh" is poking out a bit from her clothes that are all tattered probably from her fight with her dinner. I used some Rose fabric I had and put it under her clothes then cut away and sewed the edges ;) It has some fleshy variation to it. She was so much fun, I have one more Vampire, hopefully I will get done over the weekend.


  1. Love your dolls.Im hoping to be able to grab one of your wonderful dark creations!!!

  2. Thanks so much I appreciate the comment :D


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