Thursday, January 12, 2012

Valentine Clown Hanging Doll Jenaveve

Ahh Valentines Day...
I finally have the remnants of Christmas past tucked away. Even though we did not put up a tree this year and I went "Christmas light" with all the decorations. It was a daunting task to pack it away. There were just so many other things I wanted to get to... Like Jenaveve :D

Wall Hanging Art Dolls. I have become kind of fond making these, they seem so much more versatile. Look it's an ornament! it's an art piece you can hang on the wall! it's a shelf sitter! ((envision shamwow guy shouting!)) haha Seriously though I do enjoy making them :D But for me it's a lesson in patience and planning. Most of my dolls are done on a whim, I wake up in the morning after dreaming of these little people and either jot ideas down before they disappear or start work immediately. Seems like when they are gone and do not come to fruition that day they poof from my head and are gone forever. So a few days ago as I sat down to sculpt some heads I made a mental note to add wires to some of them. And I am so happy I did :D 
Little Jenaveve is about 7' length and has some extra cushion on her hips ;) She wears some tiny moccasins with sculpted hearts and more tiny hearts are sprinkled all over her. And like I said before she can be hung against the wall from a hanger as shown or just sit in your cabinet ;)

Jenaveve has been SOLD 1/12


  1. Hi Lulu, Jenaveve, is gorgeous. Funny how these creatures just pop into being or don't, always amazes me. What I love is that they always have a story to tell....Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog... I replied via the new reply system on blogger...hopefully it got to you without you having to check back to my blog...haven't seen the reply thing before so not sure how it works...if it does... Your dolls are fantastic... love them :)

  2. Hey Lulu- ADQ is having a shelf sitter challenge right now!!!!! So send her in and I'll surely get to see her again- in print!!! She's a cutie!

  3. Thanks so much You two! I appreciate the comments :D
    Unusual Girl: I didn't know about their challenges! Omgosh that looks like fun I will have to keep a look out for future ones how fun!


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