Thursday, September 29, 2011

Finished memento Mori Boys

Jackson on the Left and Thomas on the Right. Finished :D well a couple days ago but I could not get Blogger to upload the pics..But I ended up making the little buttons and I am so happy I did. They (buttons) are painted with mica brass pigment and yellow acrylic. Buying a set of Mica pigments about 4 years ago turned out to be a great choice. Not sure at the time what I would do with them; I end up using them for everything from art dolls and paintings to Halloween costumes and jewelry. Jackson and Thomas are already sold. I am thinking about making a set of girls.. maybe later this year.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Memento Mori Boys 2

Poor sad boys not sure what caused their demise yet. But they are almost done. I want to add some brass buttons to the older brothers jacket and maybe the little boys pants. I guess I will have to make them out of clay and paint them. Probably the spats too. I am not sure if young boys wore spats? But I thought they were too cute :D One of my kids said the little one looks like he needs a pacifier. lol Creepy but good 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Memento Mori Boys

Poor boys that didn't make it. eeeekkk a bit macabre but I do enjoy it lol
They are still in need of hair and a few little details. But I love how their closed eyes turned out kind of puffy :D
It is also hard to see in these pics but they have faint eyelashes, something I don't normally do. They are not pose-able either. They are quite stiff.... They have shoes too with little thread laces. Only about 5" and 6".
I'll post some more about them tomorrow when I get their hair on.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Halloween Ghosts

Ghostly girls from long ago.
So I was watching Amadeus the other night. Such great eye candy in that film and I was inspired by Constanze, well mostly minus the cleavage lol The powdered wigs the all. So here are my two ghostly girls from Long ago Constanze in chains and Kate in stitches haha Both are jointed at the shoulder and hip only. They have super glossy eyes. I created from combining resin and that inktense ranger gloss. First they are coated with resin and then after the heads are baked I fill them in all the way with gloss. Looks like they are crying or the eyes are all wet. Their shoes are just painted on. Their legs have cheesecloth srapped around them with a dark ecru shade of thread wrapped around and around.Threads are wrapped around their arms and bodice of the dresses, I just love the thread detail. Constanze is painted in pinks and white. Kate is a bit more extreme with dark blue and black stitches about her face. Their hair is super white wispy lambs fur pulled back and tied with thread. Both are about 7" tiny things :D

Monday, September 19, 2011

Melancholy Marmalade

What is the saying Life imitates art? Art imitates Life? lol
Either way wow my gut and insides are sooo translated into Marmalade. Woke up this morning just feeling ugh and  realizing I am soon to have an empty nest. I have one child left at home. She will be 15 soon, I have been raising them for the last 25 years. What am I going to do? 0_o Just me and my girl in a pretty big 4 bedroom house. I started looking around... all my kids are in other towns most in southern California. Will we have Holidays Here? prob not, some of them have their own families now and want us to come to them. I feel like purging the house taking my girl out of school and home school her buy an RV and travel! hmmm wonder what she would think? lolol I should probably just make some art. hehe
As I was taking Marmalade's pics this morning and posing her she fell into this slump. She looks like oh no now what? what the heck am I going to do? haha and that is where I am at. Love her though :D

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Christmas Already? lol

I don't know why but I woke up this morning with this little creature in my head. I sketched him out as soon as I woke up afraid he would leave my head.  He is jointed and sits on a black red and white candycane. 
He has pointy ears and no hair a little stripey suit and thats about it :D The whole ornament is about 3.5" I made 2. I love him! I kind of want to make a ton of black and white candycanes for our tree LOL
Elf 1 and Elf 2

Friday, September 9, 2011

September Girls finding a style lol

My 3 new girls for September. I think I might have finally decided on a standard face. Ya umm pretty sure lol! I am keeping the wrinkly nose and the down slant on the upper eyelid, eyes are probably always going to change cause I have too much fun making them :D  The coloring has been evolving into a heliotrope and blue. They kind of look like they are crying or have pinkeye! haha A bit of a chin, previously they had next to nil. Hairdos of sorts for everyone. They have always mostly had threads running through their manes to tame them, but I have started tying in locks of hair instead of tacking it all down. I take a bundle of wool and tie it with thread I then sew it into the existing hair. I like the look. It's hard to see the detail in pics, in person it's really quite nice. My last group all had toes, 4 of them :D And while I like that, it's getting colder outside hahaha they need some foot coverings. Sooo....
What I did different for these girls is their shoes. I have only made shoes once before. Everyone always had painted on shoes.  
Here is Bernadette. She is really the only other doll I tried to make shoes for. Her shoes are just slippers really over stripey socks. 
But my new girls have shoes with straps and patterns on the toes. The one in the middle Harper has boots! I am so excited. 
Another change is their fingers are more slender. Still 4 of them cause I really like that, they are more separated too. And this set of dolls has pretty straight arms only jointed at the shoulder. The last 3 I did were larger dolls by several inches and their arms were bent at the elbow and wrist, only having joints at the shoulders. I guess I am trying to come up with a standard look... Larger dolls jointed at shoulder and bent at elbows and wrist. Smaller dolls jointed at shoulder and straight. I am really thinking this will last for a moment because I am sooo easily bored. I'll give it a shot.

Happy Creating!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pear Picking

What A fabulous morning! My youngest daughter and I went out to the orchard and picked the Bartlett Pears. We ended up with 4 baskets. They were small this year because of the late rain. But some of them are so ready to eat they were falling off the trees. The smell was intoxicating lol the pears that have fallen start to ferment; some people call it rot! hahaha But its a great smell this time of year. Just not looking forward to all the fruit flies that will follow since so many pears are left behind.

We are fortunate that the orchard is literally seconds from the house. I think we are going to go back tomorrow morning. There are just so many left over it is a terrible waste.
The grapes are late this year too. The White variety grapes are going to be awhile longer before they are harvested. Then starts the crush and the trucks going up and down the road all hours of the day and night. 
It's a busy and exciting time.

I can't wait to start canning and pear pies :D

Friday, September 2, 2011

Playing around with Photoshop

I love old photos and well creepy stuff. So I decided to make some kinda old fashioned Creepy Pics of my girls lol With some modern elements hehe. Turned out strange but I like to experiment.