Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ayala's Girl Linda ;)

Tiny Team Art Dolls Only Traveling Art Doll

Sweet Linda traveled to Wilma from Martha at

came to me from Wilma  at

She traveled from California to Australia and back to California before the final leg of her journey back home here in California. Still with me? hahaa I need to draw a diagram!
You can read about Wilma's work on Linda here 

So This is what me and Linda did while she visited my studio.
First off poor dear had no arms  ;)
Arms done~check
Not having any fabric like Wilma had done her body in; I used some burgundy sateen for her sleeves. It matched the leaves she had around her waist but wasn't quite there. I added a midriff top for a base to add a collar but didn't want to cover up all that great pattern on the fabric from Wilma.

We experienced some hair loss ;( just a bit at the top and the back but not to worry I stitched in some burgundy Tibetan and wow the colors started to make sense!

Linda told me of her travels and the heat in the box, her pale skin was sensitive to the sun so a proper hat was needed to finish her off ;)
Some of the extra leaves that traveled with her in the box was just what her hat needed ;)
((Her hat is not attached :D))

Bye bye Linda Back home you will travel ;)

 It has been a great experience working with these Two artists and Their creations <3