Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Winter Steampunk Girls W1nTr4,5 and 6

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The girls have been charged with the duty to each deliver a spirit orb to the Grand Leader of the Colony. As tradition declares in Steampunk Winter they must travel alone from their region to bestow this gift upon the Grand Leader. Their Journeys are just beginning....

She must say goodbye to her child and make the trek across the wasteland. The years that pass do not make this parting any easier. Weeks her daughter must go without any contact with he mother. A perilous journey will unfold and her mother worries that soon it will be her daughters turn to take the orb.

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had never made this journey her apprehension was showing. This honor only recently bestowed upon her due to the death of her sister. While she was never close to her sister she felt a sudden longing for her wisdom.

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Had no love for the journey nor the Grand Leader. A burden bestowed she thought to herself, a tradition of dangers and lost lives. How many more years could she possibly continue.
She knew the end result for those who could not.

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Winter 2012 Ornaments
These ornaments are created from paperclay so they are very lightweight for your holiday decor ;)

The White Rabbit

Approx 7" length 
60.00 usd sold

The March Hare
Approx. 7" length 
60.00 usd Sold

Vampire Art Doll Head

Approx 5" 
50.00 usd Sold

Creepy Mr. Fox
Approx 4" 
45.00 usd Sold

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