Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hair cut

Ack! I got my haircut. It is really short. My hair has been pretty long past my shoulders for years. It was time for a change but.... I don't know if I was ready for such a drastic change.

Monday, March 28, 2011

creepy faces

I Love these little faces. I have had a long time love of creepies. These 2 little people make me smile. Made out of felt, black thread and wool roving oh and a pin on the back :D They are my Zombie crew. Oh and by the way I love the movie "Zombieland'! LOL  But I don't care for "Night of the living dead". I can remember watching that when I was small like 8 years old, freaked me out. I wonder if I saw it today I would still be freaked? 

making something new out of something old

I made a couple cutey-pie owls out vintage trims. Some of these trims I bought off Etsy and some came from my 90 year old uncle who unloaded a ton of trims and yarns on me last month. Needless to say I was super excited to get them! I adore vintage trims, I love the thought that someone either made them in the case of the tatting and crochet work or had stashed them for some fabulous project :D These owls are a felt body stuffed full of fiber fill and the trims are hand sewn sort of in a puzzle manner. I had some cork stoppers that I attached them to and they stand perfect on their own. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I opened up my Artfire shop again. Etsy has been so slow, I am not getting the views I used to (boohoo). So I figure for 5.95 a month I can list some items and not have to worry about constantly relisting on Etsy, dang that gets expensive. o_O I am also thinking about finally opening my Skeletuary shop on Etsy or on Artfire? Iam a bit indecisive lol. But I absolutely LOVE  my new skeletuary Dia De Los muertos doll. Nellie she is so neat with her sleepy eyes :D

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A new Sculpted Doll

The King 
captive of his crown

This I have been working on for the last week. I knew I wanted a King but was not sure if he should be old or young and I decided A young King. A young King may feel trapped by his life his responsibility. So He is trapped by his Crown! I started with the crown, made from a wire frame covered in red velvet. And hand painted with Gold Mica. Next came the king he is a sculpted head,bust,legs and arms on a cloth mid torso. He is semi pose-able. His clothes are purposely tattered velvet and scraggly stitched. After I had him just right  I started the cage. I made it from black wire but wanted a more whimsical look, like it's not for real; he is trapped in his mind. So I covered it with A black and white stripe fabric. Lastly he is held captive by a heart shaped black lock. The Lock I especially like; it was sculpted like strips of metal and held together with real nails at the rivet points. The silver is mica. I think I will have him ready by Monday.

What I have been working on.

I have been working on some ACEOs for my Lulu's Apple Sauce Etsy site. Which I have not opened yet.
I was thinking I will put smaller stuff there. like aceos , small felts and brooches? I am still mulling.