Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25th Clowning Around Shop Update preview

I am really getting addicted to the standing dolls lol I have been sketching them out and thinking up subjects  to make in the future ;)

 I like these two standing girls because they are a bit shorter than the others at 10" and they have "bases" but just for the fun of it. They do not need them to stand at all :D 

And then there is Perrot Poupee a boy Clown doll with bright blue eyes ;) His hair is grey locks and he wears all black and white stripes. His little leather shoes have a fun scrolled detail too ;)
185.00 usd approx. 12" Length "double jointed"


Rousseau Poupee
took her performances seriously and wanted to give her best, but I think you can still see some angst and apprehension in her face ;)
approx. 10" free standing with posable arms
195.00 usd comes with circus base but does not need it to stand ;)


Petit Poupee was having a hard time finding her spot in life. The cirque was just supposed to be temporary but season after season here she is.....

Petit Poupee
195.00 usd
approx. 10" standing posable arms comes with circus base but does not need it to stand.

Steampunk BlackBird
this little birdie was created for the ADO March "animal" challenge

She will be listed too for 75.00 usd approx 8" sitting and has posable arms 

ADO Challenge Doll ~Steampunk Blackbird

Little Paperclay Steampunk Blackbird for Art Dolls Only March Challenge

I really enjoyed this girl ;) She has posable arms and leather winglets. Her arms are human and her feet are bird hehehe She sports a steampunk helmet and her human belly shows :D 

BlackBird looks out across the land as Spring is emerging ;)

She really enjoyed being outside in the sunshine, all these years hiding in the wastelands she's still a bit nervous about being in the open... teehee


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Art Doll Preview :) Potions and Mysterious places ;)

Potions and Mysterious places rule the worlds of Marina and Elzbieta
This week I have 2 Art Dolls in boxes ;)

Shop Update
Tuesday March 19th at 3pm pst


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Legend is told of Elzbieta who paid a visit to the fortune teller who lived along the marsh many years ago. She foretold her of a wealth beyond measure of great difficulty to achieve but within her sleep she will know the truth. Once armed with this knowledge Elzbieta set forth on a journey. This journey led her to many strange places over the years. Elzbieta's greed and callous took toll on her beauty and the inner selfish one began to shine through. Until on her last steps with mere brittle bones to uphold her she had found her treasure. The same fortune teller whom had planted the seed of her desire stood before a box of mysteries. Elzbieta dared to take one last step inside, she laid her head to rest on the silk pillows, she drank the wine and slept a powerful sleep to be awoken only by the soft wisps of her own hair brushing against her plump sensitive cheek. Elzbieta would not dare to venture out of the box for fear her true form would take over. Left without a mirror to consume the pure perfection her flesh had taken on. She was forever to live out her days in the magical box without further reflection of herself.

approx. 12" length double jointed 
box size approx. 14"x4"x4"

she is dressed in dupioni silks with 4 loose pillows to comfort her ;)
$270.00 usd

Marina sold fish soup from a rackle down shack by the sea.
Never ending Meows and scratches were heard from those that kept her company..
With Bottles numbered all over the map strange odors of this and spices of that
Some customers whispered her special catch just might be cat..

Marina Art Doll approx. 12" length 
 double jointed
ShadowBox approx. 12"x8"x4"
2 cats and a bowl along with Cauldron of soup and spoon are not in a fixed position
$275.00 usd 

Thanks for looking :D

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Girls of Widows Peak :)

Hello there ;) I am having my Etsy shop update today! 3/8 at 6pm pst.
I have 2 girls for youthis time they are a bit different with smaller eyes and well....a Widows Peak hahaha a big one!
They are done in pale porceain color big giant bows with tiny skulls flowers and buttons. Leather boots and a creepy dispostition :D

The Girls of Widows Peak

Marden and Tayte live on the hilside of Widows Peak. They have become accustomed to the strange noises and visions. Marden believes these strange sightings are signs to her alone and Tayte should just mind her own business and get back to her embroidery. But Tayte thinks there may be something to this and she isn't a scaredy cat after all, so she just may look a little closer ;)

Tayte of Widows Peak
did not care much for Marden trying to make a big deal out of the strange happenings. Yes she knew they existed and she believed they were a message probably, but thought Marden was just a bit dramatic. Tayte figured she would investigate on her own and that would show Marden she doesn't know everything.. 

Tayte $190.00 usd SOLD
approx. 12" length double jointed 


Marden of Widows Peak
heard the sounds and could distinguish voices. She would sit at her window and hear the wind whip around the corners. A faint thump a crackle of branches and then whispers she would say she heard. The next night she heard the same wind whip and crackle of branches she would swear a figure walked down the path. This was not just any aberrations she knew. These were signs meant for her...but what were they trying to tell her? She knew she had a mission now.

Marden approx. 12" length 
 double jointed
$190.00 usd SOLD


Tatty Goth Bear

poor thing needs someone to love

$45.00 usd SOLD


Something new from me
Little bit Tag alongs  ;)

 toy friends for your Blythe or LuLus Apple Art Dolls ;)
or heck just to have :D 

I will be adding to these over the next week

$25.00 usd SOLD


Thanks for looking Hugs!!!