Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25th Clowning Around Shop Update preview

I am really getting addicted to the standing dolls lol I have been sketching them out and thinking up subjects  to make in the future ;)

 I like these two standing girls because they are a bit shorter than the others at 10" and they have "bases" but just for the fun of it. They do not need them to stand at all :D 

And then there is Perrot Poupee a boy Clown doll with bright blue eyes ;) His hair is grey locks and he wears all black and white stripes. His little leather shoes have a fun scrolled detail too ;)
185.00 usd approx. 12" Length "double jointed"


Rousseau Poupee
took her performances seriously and wanted to give her best, but I think you can still see some angst and apprehension in her face ;)
approx. 10" free standing with posable arms
195.00 usd comes with circus base but does not need it to stand ;)


Petit Poupee was having a hard time finding her spot in life. The cirque was just supposed to be temporary but season after season here she is.....

Petit Poupee
195.00 usd
approx. 10" standing posable arms comes with circus base but does not need it to stand.

Steampunk BlackBird
this little birdie was created for the ADO March "animal" challenge

She will be listed too for 75.00 usd approx 8" sitting and has posable arms 


  1. Świetne! Bardzo mi się podobają:)

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