Saturday, July 23, 2011

Aubrey My Nightmare girl

I love making dresses and costumes for my dolls! I used to love sculpting the faces the best. But lately the costumes have been giving me so much joy :D I have also discovered I am a fabric fanatic! I go crazy with my kids old clothes, fabric store 1/8 yards and vintage trims! I have to limit my fabric store visits. Seriously you can get many many outfits out of an 1/8 yard. My cubby holes are chock full of fabric that I only used 4" of. I think I need to start a fabric remnant swap! 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fawnell Sweet country Gothic Doll

Hey Fawnell! lol she is petite and sweet with her tiny crochet hat with deer ears :) Her eyes are painted on I thought I would try something without the giant resin eyes. I had a need for something not so morbid. After I made Poor Paul and had him posed in a casket with flowers I was a bit down ;( Fawnell is just moody enough for today! Her arms and legs are super thin like skewers. Living Doll is so strong that I felt confident they would not snap like twigs.  Her ears are made from ultrasuede as are her arm wraps and straps hanging from her dress. The fabric is from the fabric store some fat quarters that I have had for a bit. It is amazing how many doll dresses you can get out of a quarter of fabric. I think I finally used up the majority of these three fabrics maybe 1-2 more dresses! haha

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


These little people are Avon-Lea and Neville Crowley They are machinists in the other world of Steampunkery. Avon-Lea asks Neville to "Please Wait" before implementing their new invention. For Disaster Surely awaits them! hehe ;) I love silly stories to go with illustrations and dolls and well everything! This is a collage of sorts on an 8x10" gallery wrapped canvas. It has watercolor,glue,pastels,acrylic,paper,pen and prob some media I am forgetting haha

Friday, July 8, 2011

mixed media paintings goth girls

collage gothic girls creepy no face circus painting watercolor

secrets goth gothic collage painting watercolor girls
I just finished 4 new panel paintings. I drew these girls a year ago and they have patiently waited their turn in my sketchbook. They are ink drawings that I cut out of my sketchbook and decoupaged onto a canvas panel. I used watercolor pencil mixed with transparent floating medium. I love the way they work together, almost a pale translucent acrylic. Gives me the loose look I like of watercolor but with a bit more control. My favorite is Secrets; having 3 girls I see this all the time, it is sweet and innocent and a secret means so much to them.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Doll :D Little Clementine Clown

clown circus goth art doll ghost
Little Clementine. I adore this pic she seems so lonely in the distance! My Tibetan lambswool finally came in and OMGosh I love this for hair. It is the the most Wispiest Wonderful Wool! It's triple W! hahahaha 
So Clementine started out life on the road to a Catrina dia de los muertos. Her lips are down turned and when I started to paint the face paint and stitches along her cheeks well they kind of up turned O_0
She just reminded me of a clown from that point and I went with it. Her outfit is cream muslin with the edges left raw, that is where are the little wisps of thread that are flying around came from. I took black artist acrylic and painted dots on her hat, left sleeve and right leg. She is another small one at 8" to the tip of her hat.