Saturday, July 23, 2011

Aubrey My Nightmare girl

I love making dresses and costumes for my dolls! I used to love sculpting the faces the best. But lately the costumes have been giving me so much joy :D I have also discovered I am a fabric fanatic! I go crazy with my kids old clothes, fabric store 1/8 yards and vintage trims! I have to limit my fabric store visits. Seriously you can get many many outfits out of an 1/8 yard. My cubby holes are chock full of fabric that I only used 4" of. I think I need to start a fabric remnant swap! 


  1. Yep, you are soon to be a fabric addict if not already! I love the hunt for the perfect fabric, the weight, the texture, color, pattern and weave- that will be just right on my particular girl. Do you ever go to Goodwill or vintage shops for that 'worn look'? I haven't yet but am tempted...
    Aubrey is awesome!

  2. Omgosh you are so right I am addicted already! I have not ventured into a thrift shop yet..I say that with some hesitance....yet!
    But some of my teen girls clothes are looking mighty tempting to cut up! haha


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