Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fawnell Sweet country Gothic Doll

Hey Fawnell! lol she is petite and sweet with her tiny crochet hat with deer ears :) Her eyes are painted on I thought I would try something without the giant resin eyes. I had a need for something not so morbid. After I made Poor Paul and had him posed in a casket with flowers I was a bit down ;( Fawnell is just moody enough for today! Her arms and legs are super thin like skewers. Living Doll is so strong that I felt confident they would not snap like twigs.  Her ears are made from ultrasuede as are her arm wraps and straps hanging from her dress. The fabric is from the fabric store some fat quarters that I have had for a bit. It is amazing how many doll dresses you can get out of a quarter of fabric. I think I finally used up the majority of these three fabrics maybe 1-2 more dresses! haha

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