Thursday, November 17, 2011

my first fairy wings

My very first Fairy wings lol and I was so excited to watch the Angelina film shrink and change color. I tell ya I am easily amused! They were so pretty cute and nice looking my 15 year old said "oh mom are you going to start making pretty happy dolls now?" My heart sank I looked at them and thought she is right, they are too happy looking...bummer.
So I did not even take a before pic of them cause I almost scrapped them. But I adore that shrinking film so much I want to use it for more things so what could I do?? Goth it up! hahaha 
I took it back to the candle to burn some uneven holes in it. Wow ok already better. I used the Ranger inkssentials glossy accents to make dots and swirls on the film. Love that stuff! Then I glued strips of black and white fabric to the edges to cover my not so pretty aluminum wire. Once all that was dried I used the Ranger Glossy goo to cover all of the fabric. The Ranger goo is flexible once dry so you can still bend the wings ;) Wrapped them in black and white threads in a very messy way and done!
I am so happy with how they turned out. A simple shape and lots of stuff added on haha

And here is Bitty she is just 6.5" in length about 4" sitting she is a mess of threads and trim :D
Her hair is 2 colors black and pink and just pulled up and tied with threads all over the place. 
She has less face paint than my recent dolls. And I figured with all that crazy costuming going on she didn't need it. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Taking something Old and using it in something new

I try to use items as much as possible in my dolls that have a past life. Not always something I have purchased, but something from me. 
I realized this awhile ago; That the most rewarding part of creating these dolls is the fact that a little piece of me is traveling to places and homes unknown and that someone made a connection with them. It is an incredible feeling. So not only am I sending a piece of me in the form of hand sculpted art but I enjoy the fact that some little piece of trim or metal or old jewelry that once was enjoyed on its own merits is getting a new life.

Mila has bits and pieces that once belonged to my Father. He was an organized collector of tools and parts to replace and repair everything. We made an enormous Family move from Napa Valley in 2004 to Mendocino County. The combined belongings of 2 homes and 6 people made their way to rentals and garages while our houses were being built. My Father's collection of bits and bobs were piled into boxes new garbage cans and anything else we could shove them into. He had many plans for his collection. In a new Garage he wanted benches and cabinets built. He had plans of a new shed forsitting watching the wild turkeys roam the hillside and and tinkering the days away. The day came the houses were built and we made the final move. Unfortunately my Father was to only spend one night in his new home. He passed away at the hospital after a heart attack, he was 83 years old. Never to unpack his collection never to tinker the days away watching the Turkeys. It has taken me 6 years to start looking at his collection and seeing it for the treasure it is. 
Mila was sold on 11/5 and a piece of me is making its way to homes unknown ;)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christmas Dolls

I have created 3 actual Christmas Holiday dolls so far. While trying to keep to the mood and the "style" I have found some Holiday is possible for me hehe. The mood is pretty easy so I find the Holidays a bit depressing. It is like a kid anticipating the whoa big day and poof it is gone. It always leaves me a little blue. So I can say my Holiday mood is shown in these art dolls for sure! lol 
Style wise I have kept to the sad faces with the crinkly nose. I find that where the heads were larger in proportion to the body, they are now smaller. I like them this size, I think it makes the hair look bigger :D Staying with the skrinkly noses 4 fingers and toes. Now the eyes I have a bazillion of them, I cannot decide if I want to keep to a certain size, shape or color? Right now I like the variation, I think it gives them personality. But who knows where the eyes will take me lolol

Hollie Holiday- sold

Merry Holiday-sold

Scarlet Jingles-sold