Thursday, November 17, 2011

my first fairy wings

My very first Fairy wings lol and I was so excited to watch the Angelina film shrink and change color. I tell ya I am easily amused! They were so pretty cute and nice looking my 15 year old said "oh mom are you going to start making pretty happy dolls now?" My heart sank I looked at them and thought she is right, they are too happy looking...bummer.
So I did not even take a before pic of them cause I almost scrapped them. But I adore that shrinking film so much I want to use it for more things so what could I do?? Goth it up! hahaha 
I took it back to the candle to burn some uneven holes in it. Wow ok already better. I used the Ranger inkssentials glossy accents to make dots and swirls on the film. Love that stuff! Then I glued strips of black and white fabric to the edges to cover my not so pretty aluminum wire. Once all that was dried I used the Ranger Glossy goo to cover all of the fabric. The Ranger goo is flexible once dry so you can still bend the wings ;) Wrapped them in black and white threads in a very messy way and done!
I am so happy with how they turned out. A simple shape and lots of stuff added on haha

And here is Bitty she is just 6.5" in length about 4" sitting she is a mess of threads and trim :D
Her hair is 2 colors black and pink and just pulled up and tied with threads all over the place. 
She has less face paint than my recent dolls. And I figured with all that crazy costuming going on she didn't need it. 

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  1. Hi Lulu, love the wings...your post really made me laugh....oh forbid you should make a pretty doll.... I love the dolls you make...


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