Thursday, December 1, 2011

Where has the time gone?

Wow I cannot get over it is December 1st? I feel like the days are whisking by and I would just love another hour or two please! Thanksgiving completely snuck up on me. I usually have the house decked out like a crazy North Pole by now. Honestly I am starting to panic. Last night I could not get to sleep I got up at midnight poured a glass of wine and hopped in the tub trying to relax. Panic attack....and I don't know why! lol
I think I need to schedule stuff out a bit better. Since it has just been me and my youngest daughter in the house  (they all moved out and went off to college) I feel like maybe I am not on the ball like I used to be. My time is more loosely scheduled and I think that is why I feel like it is slipping away? lol Or maybe I am just getting old and it's and empty nest thing? ugh.... well thanks for the therapy blogspot! hahaha

But in Etsy world I think I have been busy and have accomplished some work at least....(ya I guess this is where my time has been going O_o
This Is Gurty she is a creepy Elf and feels quite bad she has ruined Christmas....well she thinks! hahaha

This is Fiona Fruitcake. Paperclay Ornament. Fiona and Imelda below are the largest heads I have ever made lol 3"

Steampunk Ornament Imelda

Narcissa Steampunk Zombie Wall hanging art doll with laser eyes 0_o

Poor Remy hates life in the Colony

Amaltheia Steampunk Zombie Wall hanging Art Doll. Amaltheia and Narcissa were my first Wall hanging art dolls.

PeaBo Steampunk Girl who has no Family or Friends for the Holidays. Both Remy and PeaBo are going to a new home for the Holidays! The same home :D yay! They are both excited! hehe

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