Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Preview New Art Dolls ;)

Hello! I have 3 Zombies and two creeps with Button eyes ;)
The Dolls are coming back to my blog lol My Etsy Shop Update is on Wednesday 11/28 at 11 am pst 

Hopefully I have found a happy balance for listing the dolls ;)
Layaway and Reserves are available again! The day the Art Doll is listed.
If you are interested
Layaway is a 30% non refundable deposit with 90 days to pay off the Art Doll and reserves for less than a week are available too. Just convo me through Etsy for details ;)

First Zombie up is Adair...
Reaching Her arm out Adair feels something cold. She tries to open her eyes but only sees a haze. An all consuming aroma fills her senses....she is hungry.

Adair Zombie $160 usd

Bonnie had dinner in her room alone again. She had no idea where her parents happened to be.
Bonnie has been spending quite a bit of time in solitude.
 As she sat eating her vegetables she thought she saw her bear grab a dinner roll. She looked up and the bear had eaten the whole thing, still with crumbs on her fur. She asked if the bear would like another...Yes and thank you replied the bear ;)

Bonnie Buttons $175.00 usd


She felt stiff as she opened her one eye. A shuffling sound came from the hall, people were sliding in a red syrup mess. She thought this must be a dream~why else was she moving so slow...
Kenna Zombie $ 160.00 usd


As Nora peered down the stairs the thought crossed her mind that she had seen movies like this before. Some Virus makes the dead arise and eat what is still alive. She never liked those kind of movies..

 Nora Zombie $160.00 usd


Tippy Bird was tired of her friends and they were tired of her obsession with birds. Actually her entire family has a bit of a problem. Her mother watches Birds her father hunts and the chef cooks the birds, her brother sketches Birds and Grandfather prefers taxidermy. But Tippy likes skulls and bird carcasses. She has the best collection in a trunk at the foot of her bed. ;)
Tippy Bird $175.00 usd

Days like today ;)

Its days like today when the leaves are blowing like snow outside my window and the birds hop from branch to branch that I was always told to enjoy. When I was a young girl I could not appreciate the stillness of the country, nor can my children now. In our youth we always yearned for excitement, fast moving cities with something to constantly see and do. I can't tell you how many times raising my children in this tiny 800 person town they have complained of being bored. But again in this tiny town they have experienced things that they could never anywhere else. The river and tubing down to another town. The rush of the water and the thrill wondering if you will make it over that boulder. Picking blackberries in the summer and eating most of them before you can get home. Climbing pear trees in the autumn driving up and down endless rows just to find the ones the ranch hands had left behind.
The creek in the spring, the water is icy cold and crystal clear. Walking barefoot over the smooth creek rocks till your feet are nearly frozen. 
I am thankful for where we live it's inconveniences and it's treasures. It has taken me many years to slow down and enjoy what is around me. ;)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Mourning for Corpse Flower

Lonely LauriAnn

Her Friends Mourned her passing and could not come to grips with the scene they had found.
What was this fate she had fallen to? Would they succumb to such a tragedy as well? 

Mourning Millie

Shop Update Tomorrow Tuesday 11/13 


Friday, November 9, 2012

Corpse Flower

They called her Corpse Flower. She was found in the woods a child sitting in her chair in her hiding spot. She looked as though she had just fallen asleep day dreaming. Her Chair covered in moss from years in the damp woods, her skin bluing but still well preserved.

She sat peacefully under the trees with her doll in her arms. 
At the time they did not know who she was, soon others would come to mourn their beloved daughter and friend. 

Corpse Flower

Corpse Flower will be available soon! Next Etsy Shop Update ;)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mini Circus Clowns ;) and some changes for the Holidays

Shop Update today 11/07
@12 noon pst
Tipper, Eryn and Ailey
3 little clowns each approx. 8" length they are 'double jointed"
and can pose all over the place lol

pinks and reds just cheery colors ;D for their sad little faces hehe

I am moving the previews over to my facebook fan page.
I have been posting WiPs there for awhile. 
I hope to get back to posting more goings on here on my blog. ;)

Next change 
I have had a few people ask about reserves and with the holidays coming up they expressed it's hard to will be difficult to have enough days to pay for the dolls. So Reserves will be available after 24 hours, I'm putting a hold on the 5 day wait time for reserves ;) I hope that helps ;D

Next If you have signed up for the newsie They will be a bit more frequent as I have plans to create more Art Dolls for the Holidays ;D

Thanks so much! Hugs!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Holiday Mornings are fast approaching! It's Preview Day

Hello! Welcome to Preview Day!
3~Holiday Girls who have awoken to some surprises.
These are hanging Art Dolls and can either hang from the ribbon atop their heads or can be made to sit on a shelf :D each girl is approx. 12" length has "double joints" at the shoulder and hip only with Leather shoes and each carries a spooky surprise.

Shop Update will be Tomorrow Sunday November 4th at 4pm pst. 

Our clocks go back tonight so this will be the actual Standard time lol
I have had several people ask me what time this will be in their country and I cannot really look up each country but I will say Google is your friend.

The best thing I have found is google "4pm pst to (________) insert your country"
;D Or if you have an iPhone the world clock is great! ;) I'm sorry but my mind does not work with numbers ...it hurts!! lol that is why I make dolls hahaha
ok enough silly stuff ;D

Phoebe lost her beloved dog Britt last week. They became separated at the park, suddenly he was nowhere to be found.
This year the Holidays were sure to be lonely without him. It didn't matter what gifts she received this year, her heart was broken.

$175.00 usd

Gweneth thought she would skip the Holidays this year. It had been a rough year. She was sent to live with her Aunt Tilda in the city when her mother had disappeared  Aunt Tilda was odd and chanted every evening for an hour. Gweneth figured Aunt Tilda did not even know the Holidays were approaching..

$175.00 usd


Estele was the oldest of 4. The only girl she was treated as if she was the youngest. Her brothers had all gone away to school, but Estele was confined to the house. Company for her parents, dinner companion and social get together constant guest. Estele's only wish this year was to be seen for the young adult she was and not the pet her parents had kept her as.

$175.00 usd


Thanks again for looking at my Art Dolls! I hope you have enjoyed them ;)


Ghostly Expectations Its Preview Day!!

Hello! Welcome To the last Preview Day Of October. 
I have 4 Ghostly Girls in Pale Porcelain Skin Tone.
Poor dear souls whose lives were cut short by accidents and misfortune.

Sunday 10/28 at 10am pst is my Etsy Shop Update

Please remember reserves and layaways are accepted 5 days after an Art Doll is listed Thanks soo much for understanding. 
And if you have not already, come stop by and "Like" my Facebook Fan page 
I have been posting Wips there as well as some finished Dolls Before the Next Preview Day.

Ok! So here we Go!

Ghostly Ellis
approx. 12" length 
Ellis was weary and easily frightened. Her health was poorly since the day she was born. Upon Doctors advice she tried not to excite. But books were her love and a good story could help pass the dreary days. She was passionate for thrillers although ill advised.
She was found alone of course with her book in her clenched hand. She had found the most excitement she could and it was still too much.

$175.00 usd~SOLD

Ghostly Dia De Los Muertos
Sad Sadie
Approx. 12" length 

Sadie it was said was a clumsy girl. Tangled and torn about everything in life. Her family worried she may not make it to her wedding day and they were right.
She met a fast fate as she tumbled through the decorations on the day of the Dead. They welcomed her with open arms

$175.00 usd~Available

Ghostly Lillian
Approx. 12" length

It was a night most of her friends did dream about. Romantic as they were they shared their most intimate wishes. Lillian shared no such desires for her betrothed was a burly belly of a man. Known for his favorite sport of fishing for which he did smell.
A cup of this tea her Mother did recommend and your night will be over before it begins....

$175.00 usd~SOLD

Ghostly Evan

Evan was cold not emotionally but physically. Cold chills and cold toes were her day to day. The doctors told her parents she should move to the south. Frivolous people they were too busy with their own life to take heed of the doctors prescription for their fragile daughters health.
Evans condition did worsen. As winter approached her breathing became labored; until the poor thing did wheeze all night puffing white breath into the cold air.
Suddenly no more puffs could be seen....

$175.00 usd~SOLD