Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Preview New Art Dolls ;)

Hello! I have 3 Zombies and two creeps with Button eyes ;)
The Dolls are coming back to my blog lol My Etsy Shop Update is on Wednesday 11/28 at 11 am pst 

Hopefully I have found a happy balance for listing the dolls ;)
Layaway and Reserves are available again! The day the Art Doll is listed.
If you are interested
Layaway is a 30% non refundable deposit with 90 days to pay off the Art Doll and reserves for less than a week are available too. Just convo me through Etsy for details ;)

First Zombie up is Adair...
Reaching Her arm out Adair feels something cold. She tries to open her eyes but only sees a haze. An all consuming aroma fills her senses....she is hungry.

Adair Zombie $160 usd

Bonnie had dinner in her room alone again. She had no idea where her parents happened to be.
Bonnie has been spending quite a bit of time in solitude.
 As she sat eating her vegetables she thought she saw her bear grab a dinner roll. She looked up and the bear had eaten the whole thing, still with crumbs on her fur. She asked if the bear would like another...Yes and thank you replied the bear ;)

Bonnie Buttons $175.00 usd


She felt stiff as she opened her one eye. A shuffling sound came from the hall, people were sliding in a red syrup mess. She thought this must be a dream~why else was she moving so slow...
Kenna Zombie $ 160.00 usd


As Nora peered down the stairs the thought crossed her mind that she had seen movies like this before. Some Virus makes the dead arise and eat what is still alive. She never liked those kind of movies..

 Nora Zombie $160.00 usd


Tippy Bird was tired of her friends and they were tired of her obsession with birds. Actually her entire family has a bit of a problem. Her mother watches Birds her father hunts and the chef cooks the birds, her brother sketches Birds and Grandfather prefers taxidermy. But Tippy likes skulls and bird carcasses. She has the best collection in a trunk at the foot of her bed. ;)
Tippy Bird $175.00 usd

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