Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Days like today ;)

Its days like today when the leaves are blowing like snow outside my window and the birds hop from branch to branch that I was always told to enjoy. When I was a young girl I could not appreciate the stillness of the country, nor can my children now. In our youth we always yearned for excitement, fast moving cities with something to constantly see and do. I can't tell you how many times raising my children in this tiny 800 person town they have complained of being bored. But again in this tiny town they have experienced things that they could never anywhere else. The river and tubing down to another town. The rush of the water and the thrill wondering if you will make it over that boulder. Picking blackberries in the summer and eating most of them before you can get home. Climbing pear trees in the autumn driving up and down endless rows just to find the ones the ranch hands had left behind.
The creek in the spring, the water is icy cold and crystal clear. Walking barefoot over the smooth creek rocks till your feet are nearly frozen. 
I am thankful for where we live it's inconveniences and it's treasures. It has taken me many years to slow down and enjoy what is around me. ;)

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