Saturday, November 3, 2012

Holiday Mornings are fast approaching! It's Preview Day

Hello! Welcome to Preview Day!
3~Holiday Girls who have awoken to some surprises.
These are hanging Art Dolls and can either hang from the ribbon atop their heads or can be made to sit on a shelf :D each girl is approx. 12" length has "double joints" at the shoulder and hip only with Leather shoes and each carries a spooky surprise.

Shop Update will be Tomorrow Sunday November 4th at 4pm pst. 

Our clocks go back tonight so this will be the actual Standard time lol
I have had several people ask me what time this will be in their country and I cannot really look up each country but I will say Google is your friend.

The best thing I have found is google "4pm pst to (________) insert your country"
;D Or if you have an iPhone the world clock is great! ;) I'm sorry but my mind does not work with numbers hurts!! lol that is why I make dolls hahaha
ok enough silly stuff ;D

Phoebe lost her beloved dog Britt last week. They became separated at the park, suddenly he was nowhere to be found.
This year the Holidays were sure to be lonely without him. It didn't matter what gifts she received this year, her heart was broken.

$175.00 usd

Gweneth thought she would skip the Holidays this year. It had been a rough year. She was sent to live with her Aunt Tilda in the city when her mother had disappeared  Aunt Tilda was odd and chanted every evening for an hour. Gweneth figured Aunt Tilda did not even know the Holidays were approaching..

$175.00 usd


Estele was the oldest of 4. The only girl she was treated as if she was the youngest. Her brothers had all gone away to school, but Estele was confined to the house. Company for her parents, dinner companion and social get together constant guest. Estele's only wish this year was to be seen for the young adult she was and not the pet her parents had kept her as.

$175.00 usd


Thanks again for looking at my Art Dolls! I hope you have enjoyed them ;)



  1. Oh, I love the floppy bows with the sad and sweet little faces. These are wonderful!

    1. Thank you! I bought a Pullip a few months ago and she sat in the box until recently she had the most amazing Bow in her head quite a bit bigger than my girls. She inspired me for sure lol

  2. These young ladies are gorgeous!
    And their sad little stories.....makes me wish I could purchase all three of them. :)

    1. Thanks Ron!! They really are kind of distressed about life hahah


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