Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mini Circus Clowns ;) and some changes for the Holidays

Shop Update today 11/07
@12 noon pst
Tipper, Eryn and Ailey
3 little clowns each approx. 8" length they are 'double jointed"
and can pose all over the place lol

pinks and reds just cheery colors ;D for their sad little faces hehe

I am moving the previews over to my facebook fan page.
I have been posting WiPs there for awhile. 
I hope to get back to posting more goings on here on my blog. ;)

Next change 
I have had a few people ask about reserves and with the holidays coming up they expressed it's hard to will be difficult to have enough days to pay for the dolls. So Reserves will be available after 24 hours, I'm putting a hold on the 5 day wait time for reserves ;) I hope that helps ;D

Next If you have signed up for the newsie They will be a bit more frequent as I have plans to create more Art Dolls for the Holidays ;D

Thanks so much! Hugs!!

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