Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ghostly Expectations Its Preview Day!!

Hello! Welcome To the last Preview Day Of October. 
I have 4 Ghostly Girls in Pale Porcelain Skin Tone.
Poor dear souls whose lives were cut short by accidents and misfortune.

Sunday 10/28 at 10am pst is my Etsy Shop Update

Please remember reserves and layaways are accepted 5 days after an Art Doll is listed Thanks soo much for understanding. 
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Ok! So here we Go!

Ghostly Ellis
approx. 12" length 
Ellis was weary and easily frightened. Her health was poorly since the day she was born. Upon Doctors advice she tried not to excite. But books were her love and a good story could help pass the dreary days. She was passionate for thrillers although ill advised.
She was found alone of course with her book in her clenched hand. She had found the most excitement she could and it was still too much.

$175.00 usd~SOLD

Ghostly Dia De Los Muertos
Sad Sadie
Approx. 12" length 

Sadie it was said was a clumsy girl. Tangled and torn about everything in life. Her family worried she may not make it to her wedding day and they were right.
She met a fast fate as she tumbled through the decorations on the day of the Dead. They welcomed her with open arms

$175.00 usd~Available

Ghostly Lillian
Approx. 12" length

It was a night most of her friends did dream about. Romantic as they were they shared their most intimate wishes. Lillian shared no such desires for her betrothed was a burly belly of a man. Known for his favorite sport of fishing for which he did smell.
A cup of this tea her Mother did recommend and your night will be over before it begins....

$175.00 usd~SOLD

Ghostly Evan

Evan was cold not emotionally but physically. Cold chills and cold toes were her day to day. The doctors told her parents she should move to the south. Frivolous people they were too busy with their own life to take heed of the doctors prescription for their fragile daughters health.
Evans condition did worsen. As winter approached her breathing became labored; until the poor thing did wheeze all night puffing white breath into the cold air.
Suddenly no more puffs could be seen....

$175.00 usd~SOLD

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