Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Natalia~ she is my last Vampire in this group. 
She has a little crazed look to her face. She almost turned out completely different...as in a boy! lol But once I painted her face her lashes just made her a her! I was fortunate to have all 3 of them together and take some pics early this morning before packing up Lissa. They sure are a crazy looking bunch. 
Natalia has taken and extra 4 days to complete. Our power has been on the blink here and every time I think I am on a roll it goes out. This morning it was out for 4 hours. I called the electric company and they just say we are looking into it. It's really getting on my nerves and I guess the rest of our tiny town!
My camera battery dead...no power to charge..no power to bake them...no power to see to sew or paint...I can't get on the internet except with my iPhone. And now AT&T is telling me I have reached the top 5% of internet users in my area or some craziness and they are going to slow me down.
The weather has not even been a factor this week so I don't know While it is on today I am scrambling to get stuff done. :)


Friday, January 27, 2012

More Bloody Fun....

Lissa has no idea what she just ate. ugh was it a chicken? She hopes so! Her stomach is a little upset. 

I had to take more pics with the low light and the color selector on my camera I just love how the vampires look, all dark and mysterious. Her Blood is painted on with artist watercolors and a dab of artist acrylic on her chin and leg ;)
I used the eyes I had made for my Zombies; so she would have an eerie look. Her "flesh" is poking out a bit from her clothes that are all tattered probably from her fight with her dinner. I used some Rose fabric I had and put it under her clothes then cut away and sewed the edges ;) It has some fleshy variation to it. She was so much fun, I have one more Vampire, hopefully I will get done over the weekend.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ok I got Sucked in! lolol

 Vampires! hahaha This is Corbina She is a new Vampire. that is frightened and decided to hide out in the shadows till she figures out what to do with herself.
 I was playing with my camera ( I just bought a new one a week or so ago) and it has effects I could prob do in Photoshop, but it was funner seeing them as I took the pics ;) I used this low setting where it looks like its dark or nighttime. And a color selector Where her lips, eyes and the red in her clothes stood out. It has taken me awhile to get used to my camera but I think we are going to be friends ;)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A little needle felting

The White Rabbit as a girl with Needle Felted ears. I went to My fabric store the other day and they had this wonderful French architectural print fabric. I could not wait to use it but of course I never have a clue what anything is going to be used for. So I sat down with this doll and looked her over. I love this part, it is like a blank canvas so full of possibility. The last set of dolls I had painted their faces before dressing them. This Doll comes from a set that it still without make up ;)
So here we sit and look at each other. Her pale face and me with this creamy white muslin and printed architectural fabric in hand. I started with her dress bodice ragged unfinished edges and ecru thread. She started to look like a royal handmaiden. As I added the print she took on a white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland look to me. I cannot put my finger on it but in my minds eye I could see ears. I had not needle felted in awhile and looked at what was left of my stash lol One needle left a scruffy piece of foam and some bits of colored wool. Ugh Then I remembered I had some churro wool that was raw. I washed it and left it out to dry. The churro wool has so much lanolin in it; it feels like it could stick to itself. I made a little skull cap to attach to the wire and needle felted around the wire for some jumbo ears. I am addicted to threads all over the dolls so of course I had to "sew" the newly felted ears. :D
Some Vintage trims and wrapped up her legs with more creamy muslin and threads everywhere. Done.
Doll making is so much fun.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Valentine Clown Hanging Doll Jenaveve

Ahh Valentines Day...
I finally have the remnants of Christmas past tucked away. Even though we did not put up a tree this year and I went "Christmas light" with all the decorations. It was a daunting task to pack it away. There were just so many other things I wanted to get to... Like Jenaveve :D

Wall Hanging Art Dolls. I have become kind of fond making these, they seem so much more versatile. Look it's an ornament! it's an art piece you can hang on the wall! it's a shelf sitter! ((envision shamwow guy shouting!)) haha Seriously though I do enjoy making them :D But for me it's a lesson in patience and planning. Most of my dolls are done on a whim, I wake up in the morning after dreaming of these little people and either jot ideas down before they disappear or start work immediately. Seems like when they are gone and do not come to fruition that day they poof from my head and are gone forever. So a few days ago as I sat down to sculpt some heads I made a mental note to add wires to some of them. And I am so happy I did :D 
Little Jenaveve is about 7' length and has some extra cushion on her hips ;) She wears some tiny moccasins with sculpted hearts and more tiny hearts are sprinkled all over her. And like I said before she can be hung against the wall from a hanger as shown or just sit in your cabinet ;)

Jenaveve has been SOLD 1/12

Monday, January 9, 2012

Red Riding Hood

We just got back from our Christmas Vacation to Disneyland! yay! I took so many pics and got so much inspiration I am refreshed!

I decided to start a few fairy tale dolls.  Red is the first and she is almost complete. I will probably be listing her today on Etsy.  I hate to say what I have planned because anyone who follows my ramblings knows I work in a way that I never know who the dolls are until they tell me. I know they will be fairy tales but what ones I cannot tell LOL
She has a new style shoe for me its a cloth boot. I saw so many young girls wearing these mocassin style lace up boots I just loved them. The last pic you get a glimpse of them. The eyes are new for me too. They are a different translucent clay than I normally use. They have a warmer almost yellow white . I like the look and plan to make several new eyes. Like I need more! lol
Goth stripes and crazy stitches everywhere make her one of my all time favorite dolls. Her red hood is removable and I have stained it with ink. I think she has certain attitude about her even tho she is only about 8" length.

New January girls~Kit SOLD
Gypsy SOLD
3 more on their way! :D