Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Natalia~ she is my last Vampire in this group. 
She has a little crazed look to her face. She almost turned out completely different...as in a boy! lol But once I painted her face her lashes just made her a her! I was fortunate to have all 3 of them together and take some pics early this morning before packing up Lissa. They sure are a crazy looking bunch. 
Natalia has taken and extra 4 days to complete. Our power has been on the blink here and every time I think I am on a roll it goes out. This morning it was out for 4 hours. I called the electric company and they just say we are looking into it. It's really getting on my nerves and I guess the rest of our tiny town!
My camera battery dead...no power to charge..no power to bake them...no power to see to sew or paint...I can't get on the internet except with my iPhone. And now AT&T is telling me I have reached the top 5% of internet users in my area or some craziness and they are going to slow me down.
The weather has not even been a factor this week so I don't know While it is on today I am scrambling to get stuff done. :)



  1. they are all three fantastic!!
    when we first moved in to the place we are living now, our power went out every day...for no reason. i thought just new orleans was screwy that way!! hope things get back to normal for you soon!

  2. I LOVE her!! She turned out wonderful even with the delays ;o) xo Michele

  3. These ladies are lovely- in the way that vampire ladies should be, anyways!!! Ghoulishly delicious!

  4. omgosh thanks so much!! I just logged back on and saw the comments :D
    Amber~ugh the power here is crazy and the water in the summer goes completely out..I guess it is just the perils of living in an old town lol


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