Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A little needle felting

The White Rabbit as a girl with Needle Felted ears. I went to My fabric store the other day and they had this wonderful French architectural print fabric. I could not wait to use it but of course I never have a clue what anything is going to be used for. So I sat down with this doll and looked her over. I love this part, it is like a blank canvas so full of possibility. The last set of dolls I had painted their faces before dressing them. This Doll comes from a set that it still without make up ;)
So here we sit and look at each other. Her pale face and me with this creamy white muslin and printed architectural fabric in hand. I started with her dress bodice ragged unfinished edges and ecru thread. She started to look like a royal handmaiden. As I added the print she took on a white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland look to me. I cannot put my finger on it but in my minds eye I could see ears. I had not needle felted in awhile and looked at what was left of my stash lol One needle left a scruffy piece of foam and some bits of colored wool. Ugh Then I remembered I had some churro wool that was raw. I washed it and left it out to dry. The churro wool has so much lanolin in it; it feels like it could stick to itself. I made a little skull cap to attach to the wire and needle felted around the wire for some jumbo ears. I am addicted to threads all over the dolls so of course I had to "sew" the newly felted ears. :D
Some Vintage trims and wrapped up her legs with more creamy muslin and threads everywhere. Done.
Doll making is so much fun.


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