Tuesday, March 27, 2012

conjoined Twins Elodie and Odette

Elodie and Odette used to have an understanding; Odette was in charge. Where they went who their friends were, everthing was under Odettes control and Elodie really didn't mind.... Until a few weeks ago. She met a boy and that is all she can think about. Odette will not hear of it, and will not compromise. Elodie is thinking she may have to resort to drastic measures.

 Soo much fun making these 2 girls. Something about conjoined twins the silhouette and the balance of the two. It is really beautiful. Kind of creepy but Beautiful. Normally when I make these dolls, they have a closed eye. Only one eye each. But I had some eyes I had not painted yet. Tons of rain here so No sun for the gel du soliel to cure. I figured if it looked weird I could just put a lid over the eye. But I really like how it turned out. Looks like they really have a blind eye.  

Monday, March 26, 2012

Twitter updates

I decided to use my long neglected Twitter account for shop updates in addition to the updates I post in my Etsy Shop announcements. Whew! that is a long sentence. lolol
So follow me on Twitter if you would like to know when I will be listing new dolls and I may ramble there too.
follow me please so I don't feel like a clown hahaha

Best Friends ;)

I got these super cute pics from Lisa who collects my dolls. Birdie joined her first and then Duckie decided to fly in. I love the way Birdie looks! So protective and worried for Duckie.
Thanks Lisa!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sneak Peek Jolien the Circus Clown

Jolien can not recall what made her so angry she decided to run away and join the circus. It has been too many years and she misses her family. Would they be angry if she went home? 
Jolien is approx. 12" lengthand 5.5" sitting. She wears tiny vintage trims, new and found fabrics all ink stained for a worn look. Some of her fabrics have I have hand painted with stripes and tiny skulls. She is "double jointed" at the shoulder and hip. ;)


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wee Wittle Whitley Wabbit ;)

Sneak Peek of My last Wittle Wabbit. I found one more hiding in the rabbit hole. Whitley is shy and gets teased quite a bit about her "W's" But her mother makes her the bestest little outfits that make all the other wittle wabbits jealous ;)
Whitley is approx. 7" length and 4" sitting her arms and legs can be flipped in different directions and she has lavender eyes. She wears fancy Vintage trims and has pink hair. She will be listed on Etsy a wittle wayter todawy ;)


Cort Steampunk Spring Doll

Cort the indecisive.
 I continue to be amazed at how Dolls can take on personalities and "lives" of their own. I am a painter at heart but I love making dolls. All of my wildest dreams can blossom with clay. Not a 2D flat scene but a tangible object you can hold in your hands and change and keep changing. Just to start with a lump and then hold that finished figure in your hands as you begin to define their story. Amazing ;)

Cort is the last of this group of Steampunk Spring dolls. This group is different and more complex; bellies and a change in joints and elements embedded in the clay. I am bored easily so the ability to constantly change and evolve fits me perfect ;) 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sneak Peek Steampunk Spring Doll Elsie

This is Elsie ;)
She is my first with a sculpted torso showing lol and I have to add what my granddaughter has spoken to me about her belly showing. "the people are not going to like this" hahaha I told her well I don't know? You may be right!

Elsie was born in the Spring of life at the Colony. All of the births in that time had strange light colored eyes and were seen as harbingers of Better times to come.
From an old tattered childrens book the elders saw odd pictures of beings with long protrusions atop their heads. It was then decreed that all Children of Spring shall be identified with the protrusions, well their version of them. ;)

I will be listing her later this afternoon at my Etsy Shop

She is approx. 12" length and has Bunny ears made from giant copper head pins ;) Her clothes are all stained with walnut ink from new and found fabrics. She also has "double jointed" arms and legs which I think I am going to always use from now on ;) Her hair is blue with green and grey tips. Thanks for looking ;)