Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sneak Peek Jolien the Circus Clown

Jolien can not recall what made her so angry she decided to run away and join the circus. It has been too many years and she misses her family. Would they be angry if she went home? 
Jolien is approx. 12" lengthand 5.5" sitting. She wears tiny vintage trims, new and found fabrics all ink stained for a worn look. Some of her fabrics have I have hand painted with stripes and tiny skulls. She is "double jointed" at the shoulder and hip. ;)



  1. Hi Lulu, I'm sure Jolien's family would be over the moon to see her back... she's gorgeous as always :)

  2. Jolien is simply fantastic! I just love her sad little face!


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