Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tips for sanding paper clay sculptures SandIts™

Id like to tell you about a really handy little tool called 

SandIts ™

These swap type sanders are fantastic to get into small spots :)

See my Tips on using these sanders on the CreativePaperclay® Blog

Friday, February 7, 2014

Creative PaperClay® Link Party Project by Lulu Lancaster

Hello it is LuLu and welcome to my Creative PaperClay® Link Party Project!

I have been creating these cones for a few years now and have them in colors to match every season. They are super easy to make light weight and will add height to any area in your home that needs a little bit :)

So here we go!

You will need the following:

 one paper mache cone
a package of Delight ™ Air dry Modeling Compound 
acrylic paint
1 paint brush
ribbon and lace
a clay roller


The first step is to apply Gesso to Your paper mache Cone.


Start with a piece of Delight ™ air dry Modeling compound

Roll to approx. 1/16" thickness

Using your scissors cut random heart shapes
 Keep repeating the roll out and cut out steps until you have about 12 hearts in varying sizes.
I stop at this point as to not have them dry out.

Take a piece of lace and lay over your hearts

Start rolling with light pressure to get an impression in your hearts. You will have to go over the hearts several times to get all areas of the heart imprinted with the lace pattern.


next take watered down gesso and apply to the back of the heart


You will now start piecing like a puzzle the hearts onto your cone. If you run out of hearts just goo back and repeat Steps 2-3. 
a 14" cone took an entire package of Clay ;)

once you have covered your cone start to paint.
There is no need to wait for the Clay to dry.

a watered down wash of Acrylic paint is best and a light touch 
leaving the in between areas unpainted continue to paint the hearts all the way around the cone.

Once you are finished painting allow your project to dry
You can embellish the bottom with ribbons, flowers or trinkets :D

Thank you so much for following along I hope you have enjoyed this Project! 

be sure to stop by and visit the many other pages of fun projects :D

LuLu Lancaster

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine Project with Delight™ clay

Here is a fun little project that has been 5 year old approved :) 
 Super easy for little Kids to do with a tiny bit of adult help <3

Check it out on the Creative Paperclay® Blog! 

Hugs!! LuLu

Monday, February 3, 2014

Etsy Shop Update Feb. 4th at 4pm pst.

DeidreAnne would like to say hello and let you know she will be available in my Etsy Shop tomorrow at 4pm pst. :D

DeidreAnne an adventure awaits her

The wind blew hard the night she got up enough courage to leave. She had forgotten her coat and did not care; it felt good to finally be free.

DeidreAnne is approx. 12" length she wears leather boots and has a leather carry case ;) Paper flowers adorn her dress and hair along with layers of fluff underneath hehe

195$ usd

Thank you for looking
LuLu <3