Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sneak peek Duckie

This is Duckie :)~ SOLD
She is about 8" length and wears a tiny duck atop her head.

Her clothes are adorned with patterns and stitch marks. She is also "double jointed" amd can move her arms and legs to the side and do the splits. lol

Duckie has been working for her mother as a patern maker since she was a small child. Recently Duckie has started to see things. Fabric moving and sewing itself. Duckie is getting pretty upset.


Sneak Peek Birdie

This is Birdie~She is afraid her Sewing has started to come alive. She is having visions where all of the patterns have started to dance about her......Poor Birdie ;)

Birdie is about 8" length and has joints that I like to call double joints. Where her arms and legs can be moved side to side and not just rotate. I think it makes the dolls more fun! Her birdie atop her head is from tea stained muslin and I used a paint pen to create the "pattern" marks. Her legs have pattern marks also and snippets from Poe's The Raven. I just ordered vintage seam binding from an Etsy shop that I adore!!! Bluebirdlane And this is wear her ruffles and that little papery rose come from ;) I guess I was inspired by my purchase lolol
She is not listed on Etsy yet that will be later this afternoon. I have her sisters to work on now.

example of her joints movement side to side.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wine Tasting

Last Saturday we went Wine Tasting...down the street lol it was so warm me and my oldest daughter went for a walk...Literally right down the road. I won't mention the winery out of kindness only because we hated it!! Beautiful grounds world renowned organic gardens; I may get to taking pics of them if I can stomach another trip. Really I have never had such nasty wine and what was worse was our tasting host was their Wine maker! Omgosh terrible experience, terrible host, just a horrid experience. And that is all I have to say..

Love the green barn ;)
We were scouting for Wedding Venues. My oldest Son is getting married!! woohoo!! Scratch this one off the list....

Photo Bomb!

My Granddaughter has to get in the action too. It takes forever to get pics of the dolls when she is around lol. Grannie.... Oh Grannie can I have a doll? 

Sorry had to share ;)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Taking a look at what I am doing

 I don't think of myself as a mushy emotional person. I usually keep my feelings inside and I always thought this is where my art came from all that bottled up stuff I do not let out. I tell you as I get older and start to look at where my life has been and where I am now it is a roller coaster for sure and it makes me well kind of mushy. I have spoke about my dad on here... and what gets me is this; Here people are bopping along in life full of dreams and plans and then poof. Or you take great care of your home and your yard. You mow it and plant landscaping and it's like you feel compelled to do these things. But then poof. Who really gives a crud that you mowed the lawn every Wednesday? It just doesn't matter at this point because you are not here anymore. You always dreamed of going to Europe on vacation. But you know there was always something in the way and then poof. It must be my middle age creeping in or well the fact I have seen many loved ones over the years pass on in the prime of life. I myself have had a huge scare with cancer when my youngest was not even 1 year old. I thought I would never see her grow up and I have to remind myself of that because here she is 15 and you forget these things.
So the point of all of this mush is that I took a look at my Art and what am I saying and what am I trying to convey with all this. I wrote down what do I enjoy, what movies, tv books, art, studying family history and where do I find my Inspiration. It all rolled back to 5 main items 
Missed Opportunities 
Unfulfilled Dreams
Unfinished Business
Impending Doom 
Lives Cut Short

After this little study in introspection I feel like I have more of a direction and well and explanation to my friends and family of why I do what I do, and no I am not depressed and no I did not have a bad childhood lol I am just trying to make a link, dot the i's so to speak or put a period at the end of all of this in my own way ;)

Corpses in the night

I made 5 all together of these corpses and I tried some new things with them that I am really excited about. I sculpted bones to be shown through their clothes, I mixed up shoes and toes showing, instead of eye lids closed I made black holes and I sculpted roots on the ends of single dislodged eyes lolol And I made buttons, crosses and charms. These were some of my most labor intense dolls I have made and I loved every second of it. I almost hate to see them go. I am also liking the single joint legs very much because they can be made to stand unlike the double joints. They look creepier to me when they are standing.


One eyed Corpse AraBella Sneak Peek

Arabella the Corpse. Wall hanging ornament doll. She is about 8" length.
This is the last of my group of 5 Corpses that I am making for a bit. These Corpses have been fun because I started making my own buttons. I have made them in the past out of clay but this time I found an old technique lol. I will be talking about them in another blog post soon ;)

Her pics are dark well cause the sun went down and I just wanted to get this last one up for a peek before I list her tomorrow. Her other eyeball is dangling from her skirt. And I really like her skirt because t has some super stiff netting underneath that puffs it out like a Lolita cupcake skirt. I'll be listing her tomorrow on Etsy with better pics in the daylight ;)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Veruca Vampire Sneak peek

Veruca The Vampire of the streets. Veruca has never known a life in a home with Family. Raised by Vampires and fed from as a human, she was finally turned as a teen. ;)
She is a petite 8" length and has rusty colored hair :D
I have two more small Vampires to finish. Their stories have not been told to me yet ;)
I will be listing Veruca and Hadley in my Etsy shop soon.

Here she is in the night lolol

Hadley the Young Vampire~Sneak Peek ;)

Hadley woke up in the middle of the night after a terrible nightmare looking for mother and father. Clutching her doll she ran from room to room and they were nowhere to be seen...only a trail of red spots leading to the veranda. 
Hadley is a new Child Vampire still wearing her nightgown and bedroom coat.
She is approx. 8" length and has her tiny 1" doll with her. She has a few "blood" stains on her clothes and hands... hmmmmm lolol
She isn't listed on Etsy just yet. She will have a friend Posted here a little later today ;)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Memento Mori Dolls

I love old Victorian Memento Mori Photos. I first saw them in the Movie The Others, I was hooked. So creepy but so beautiful and sad all rolled into one.
This is Grace and her Children Nellie and Ruth. Ruth the tiny one on the floor, is alive ;)Grace is about 12" and the girls are 3.5 and 4" length.

Grace had been frail since the birth of her youngest daughter Ruth. When the illness made it's rounds through their neighborhood there were few left still alive. Remarkably Grace had the stamina to nurse her youngest Ruth back to health, but as the illness swept through her home and her oldest daughter Nellie took ill it was too much for Grace. In the night Grace and Nellie succumbed to the illness.


This is Sally She met an untimely death She is about 12" length
 Sweet Sally Waynewright 
Came from a small town in the East.
No siblings or family to speak of 
But her mother and grandfather Pete. 
She was walking alone one day 
On a path not far from home. 
A terrible fate she did meet
Her short life was now complete. 
A photograph in death taken
is all that is left of Sally to keep.


Friday, February 3, 2012


Sneak peek of Arlette ;)

Hospital Gown Zombies! Arlette and Philippa have just awoken in the Hospital from a virus outbreak. Can you tell I love Walking dead, Survivors and 28 days later? lol 

They both wear Biohazard patches on their gown lol
Their eyes are made with a glaze of translucent liquid fimo, I love the hazy look almost like cataracts.
These are on a different armature for me. I wanted their arms to be able to stick out like zombies. The lower arms and legs are sculpted and they are wired to the body then covered with cloth. This way they are poseable and their limbs stay put.