Sunday, February 19, 2012

One eyed Corpse AraBella Sneak Peek

Arabella the Corpse. Wall hanging ornament doll. She is about 8" length.
This is the last of my group of 5 Corpses that I am making for a bit. These Corpses have been fun because I started making my own buttons. I have made them in the past out of clay but this time I found an old technique lol. I will be talking about them in another blog post soon ;)

Her pics are dark well cause the sun went down and I just wanted to get this last one up for a peek before I list her tomorrow. Her other eyeball is dangling from her skirt. And I really like her skirt because t has some super stiff netting underneath that puffs it out like a Lolita cupcake skirt. I'll be listing her tomorrow on Etsy with better pics in the daylight ;)

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