Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Memento Mori Dolls

I love old Victorian Memento Mori Photos. I first saw them in the Movie The Others, I was hooked. So creepy but so beautiful and sad all rolled into one.
This is Grace and her Children Nellie and Ruth. Ruth the tiny one on the floor, is alive ;)Grace is about 12" and the girls are 3.5 and 4" length.

Grace had been frail since the birth of her youngest daughter Ruth. When the illness made it's rounds through their neighborhood there were few left still alive. Remarkably Grace had the stamina to nurse her youngest Ruth back to health, but as the illness swept through her home and her oldest daughter Nellie took ill it was too much for Grace. In the night Grace and Nellie succumbed to the illness.


This is Sally She met an untimely death She is about 12" length
 Sweet Sally Waynewright 
Came from a small town in the East.
No siblings or family to speak of 
But her mother and grandfather Pete. 
She was walking alone one day 
On a path not far from home. 
A terrible fate she did meet
Her short life was now complete. 
A photograph in death taken
is all that is left of Sally to keep.


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  1. The Memento Mori Photos are amazingly creepy, aren't they.
    like a train just can't stop looking!
    Grace, Nellie, Ruth and Sally are divine.
    Keep up the fantastic work!


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