Monday, January 31, 2011

Ford the Bunny Poses

Finished Rabbit "Ford"

Here's the finished bunny from the Churro Wool. I went back today and found out my new favorite wool is from a Churro sheep:). It was on consignment and had no label on it. I thought it might of been alpaca, but I was wrong. It's very fiberous with long hairs. The under coat is soft and fluffy and full of lanolin. The upper coat is well..... hairy!
So the bunny is done, he is on a full wire armature.  I decided to name him Ford, he has a tan natural color it just seemed to fit. He is pose-able,  he can stand and his ears will bend :) I decided to keep his chocolate nose too.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Raw wool Rabbit head

This is the start of a Rabbit from the raw wool. I have a way to go before it is complete. I think I will add a little pink to the ears and I am not sure if I like the chocolate colored nose. I recently started using plastic safety eyes in my felted creaions, I like the look. I might get some Taxidermy eyes for larger creations, but for this application these are good. Most of my creatures end up being a bit creepy looking. I can't handle too much cute.

Raw Wool

I bought some raw Wool from a local Yarn shop yesterday. I have been wanting to make some bunnies for Easter that are a bit more natural. I Love love love this wool! It's lightly processed and you can feel the lanolin in it! my hands are so soft after working with this. I am going back on Monday to see if they have any left. The picture does not do it justice.
So After I was done needle felting some of the wool; I went to wash my hands the lanolin was so thick I couldn't get it all washed off. Stupid me I rubbed my eye and my eye swelled up like I got hit. I don't know if I am allergic or I just got a mess of lanolin in my eye.
Lesson learned keep away from eyes! lol

Saturday, January 29, 2011

First Post- Kool Aid Wool

I dye quite a bit of my own wool roving. I don't really care for chemical dying. The pots and pans need to be dedicated to dying, you need gloves and on and on. So I gave Kool Aid a try. You can get some great colors by combining flavors. Your kitchen smells fruity and you can use your pots and bowls for food again. So far it has been a fun experience. The only downfall is finding certain flavors.I have had to go to 3 different stores in our area to find green; and when I find it I stock up on it. This is probably because I live in a rural area and the nearest town is only about 16,000 population.

When you dye with KoolAid you first boil the water. Add desired packets, I usually add 2-3 to 6 cups of water.
Remove the pot from the heat source. Add roving making sure its completely saturated but not disturbing it by poking it too much, otherwise it will felt. Then I transfer it to a bowl to cool. During this cooling process the wool soaks up all the color from the KoolAid. The water will actually turn clear, Neat huh? But don't drink it.
Now here is my thought .........
The water turns clear right, because the wool is a natural material. Your fingers turn colors, your tongue if you drink KoolAid. What grosses me out is this; do your insides turn colors when you drink KoolAid? Is my stomach lining atomic green? Are my bowels passion Purple? I mean really? I don't know but this is my thought!