Monday, October 7, 2013

Ghostly girl Art Dolls available today at 3pm pst.

Two Ghostly sisters who are drifting through the afterlife are looking for a permanent haunt ;)
each approx. 10" length double jointed so they are super pose-able ;)
they each wear silk slippers and are sculpted in pale porcelain cernit ;)
175$ each

Thanks for looking :D

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fish bones Tutorial from Creative Paper clay

Hey there! Ya it has been a long time... but I am still here hehe

I am going to post a little mini tutorial on my fish bones ;) using Creative Paperclay

My Art Doll Marina by the sea has many little bones hanging about her and I have had a lot of comments about her fish bones ;) They are super easy and are made with Creative PaperClay ;)

The other day I sculpted this mama Kittie and her 3 babies using paperclay and had to add something silly to her ;) I figured hey cats like fish so I will make more fish bones :)

mama Kittie sporting her fishbone earrings ;)

Here in her headpiece 

and this is how they are made

mini Tutorial :)
you will need

xacto knife
needle and thread

Using Creative Paperclay and an xacto knife cut triangular arrowheads for the head
follow with sequentially smaller chevron like shapes approx 4-5 to follow the larger head triangle
ending with a small chevron to create the tail bone.

let set for a few minutes depending on the temp of your home and how wet the paperclay is, could be 5 minutes or 20
do not let dry out completely ;)

Use a small sewing needle and any hand sewing cotton thread tie a nice knot at the end and sew through the tip of the head

keep adding the bones as you go until you get to the end.

snip the thread leaving a good length to handle the bones by.
I like to add a dot of glue at each bone then I paint with acrylics and coat with a matte sealer ;)

Thats it fish bones!
now go make some bones ;)