Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fish bones Tutorial from Creative Paper clay

Hey there! Ya it has been a long time... but I am still here hehe

I am going to post a little mini tutorial on my fish bones ;) using Creative Paperclay

My Art Doll Marina by the sea has many little bones hanging about her and I have had a lot of comments about her fish bones ;) They are super easy and are made with Creative PaperClay ;)

The other day I sculpted this mama Kittie and her 3 babies using paperclay and had to add something silly to her ;) I figured hey cats like fish so I will make more fish bones :)

mama Kittie sporting her fishbone earrings ;)

Here in her headpiece 

and this is how they are made

mini Tutorial :)
you will need

xacto knife
needle and thread

Using Creative Paperclay and an xacto knife cut triangular arrowheads for the head
follow with sequentially smaller chevron like shapes approx 4-5 to follow the larger head triangle
ending with a small chevron to create the tail bone.

let set for a few minutes depending on the temp of your home and how wet the paperclay is, could be 5 minutes or 20
do not let dry out completely ;)

Use a small sewing needle and any hand sewing cotton thread tie a nice knot at the end and sew through the tip of the head

keep adding the bones as you go until you get to the end.

snip the thread leaving a good length to handle the bones by.
I like to add a dot of glue at each bone then I paint with acrylics and coat with a matte sealer ;)

Thats it fish bones!
now go make some bones ;)


  1. Oh, My GOSH!! I love these! I love your kitty... and the bones are a PERFECT touch!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  2. So happy for your blog and sharing your skilled Art! xoDebi

  3. Your dolls are AMAZING, and the addition of the fishbones is genius!! thanks for sharing!

  4. Very nice. Good for mermaids, too. I hadn't thought about pushing thread through the clay while it was still damp, so that clay grips tight when it shrinks.That opens up the doorway for all kinds of doll jewellery.

  5. Thanks for the mini tutorial. Nice bones! You are such a clever chook. I like paper clay, and will have to have a play now that you have inspired me. xx

  6. BRILLIANT! Wonderful, wonderful work.. I love your dolls.
    I hope to own one, one day soon :)
    Thanks for the clever fish bones tutorial :)
    I'm makin some fish bones tonight.


  7. Love the addition of the fish bones. Very clever idea. TFS and for playing along.

  8. You are amazing!

  9. Now THIS is the way to work it! Best use of paper clay I've seen yet. Do you have a facebook presence? I don't do twitter too much..


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