Friday, June 7, 2013

Hello ;)

Hello ;) 
I have not been here for awhile... seems most posts start that way now.

If you have not seen me in awhile I am over on Facebook
(((I have been absent so long I can't find where to make a link poo)))

ok well I am going to make the desicion to not post here for a bit.. instead of feeling guilty and not finding the time I am just going to free myself from the added "have to post to my blog" things to do :( 

Please come visit me on Facebook I am there a lot, I like to chat too :) You can see tons of Doll pics, I post my WiP pics, links to my newsletter in case you missed it and I usually announce shop updates there first too. 

Blogger I promise.... we will still be friends ;)

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  1. Please don't forget your wonderful blog! I am rarely on FB. Your work is wonderful.


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