Thursday, November 28, 2013

Looking Back and Being Thankful ;)

As I sit here on the computer while one of my sons has graciously accepted the challenge of Thanksgiving Dinner ;) I am compelled to think of the last year well heck the last few years. While I am certainly blessed with fantastic children and grandchildren (4 now!) I have to say I have been living my dream of creating art and having a connection with others through my art.

It has only been since 2010 that I started selling on Etsy with my needle felted creepy creatures and dolls. I never expected Dolls would become my life. As a child I never liked dolls. I preferred art sets, legos and boy toys, they were much more fun. lol

But along with all the fun certainly comes some sadness, such is life. Turmoil and unfortunate events strike every family at some point. People do not always see eye to eye and while the last few years have certainly been peaceful for me. I have had my share of carp come my way. So much so that I have a policy of staying out of the fray for the most part. I do not easily get agitated or my feathers ruffled. I prefer to play nice. Life is far too short and you just never know if the sun will come up tomorrow. 

This all brings me to clowns. yup clowns lol The tears of the clown. Sometimes the jolliest of us are the most sensitive… Sometimes being nice opens you up to jerks. 

I can honestly say that these little clowns, fools and jesters hold my heart. 

Over the last few years I have created over 40 of these poor tortured souls. Each time I sculpt one I feel a little bit of peace within myself, each story is a tiny reflection of somewhere I have been in my 46 years. Although they have all found homes far from me, truly a little bit of me has traveled with them ;)

Blessings to all

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Creating a "metal look" with Creative Paperclay ®

I use a lot of Creative Paperclay ® creations as accessories in my Art Dolls. The light weight and versatility lends itself very well to the art.  Here I have written a Tip about creating a faux metal look ;)
 I have all the steps for creating this look on your own Creative Paperclay®  projects :D

I hope you will pop over and check it out :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

HoHoHo Freckle faced elves :)

Hello! I will have a Shop Update tomorrow at 5pm pst. 11/12 for these 2 freckle faces elves :)

I am sure sad to see Halloween gone already and was not able to make my yearly pilgrimage to Disneyland to see Dear ole Jack (boohoo) lol 
But I have already gotten out the Christmas Decor and plan to create some bunting and penants out of the super size prints I have accumulated. Will Post pics! for sure :D
One of my daughters is coming up this week from San Diego and I will miss her on Christmas so we will be getting outrĂ© tree super early as well! haha Probably this weekend! Yikes! We will be cutting it down so hopefully it stays nice and green O_o 

MinaLu the Elf
190$ usd


Francie the Elf
 190$ usd


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mermaids have been spotted! A fish story to tell.

Hi there!
I have been working on a couple little mermaids for my Etsy shop update :D

They were caught swimming up river if you can believe that! We have had the occasional whale travel too far in the wrong direction, but I must say I have never seen mermaids lol
Ondine and Mishell have traveled far to make your acquaintance ;)

These two swimmers will be available tomorrow 11/8 at 2pm pst. in my Etsy shop

approx. 13" length
 tail can be gently posed and double jointed upper limbs ;)
They are land friendly no water needed (or wanted! haha)

185$usd each 


Creative Paperclay® My first project Acorn Elf

Hi there wanted to share some exciting news!
 I am a new member of The Creative Paperclay® design team and 
would like to invite you to check out my first project. I have a tutorial posted for these Acorn Elves :D 

They are created with cloth bodies and clay.
The project has a supply list and step by step instructions with lots of pictures.
 I would love to inspire you to create your own <3

Stop by check it out and I hope you will enjoy my little contribution to the Creative Paperclay® blog.
Hugs and Happy Autumn