Monday, November 11, 2013

HoHoHo Freckle faced elves :)

Hello! I will have a Shop Update tomorrow at 5pm pst. 11/12 for these 2 freckle faces elves :)

I am sure sad to see Halloween gone already and was not able to make my yearly pilgrimage to Disneyland to see Dear ole Jack (boohoo) lol 
But I have already gotten out the Christmas Decor and plan to create some bunting and penants out of the super size prints I have accumulated. Will Post pics! for sure :D
One of my daughters is coming up this week from San Diego and I will miss her on Christmas so we will be getting outrĂ© tree super early as well! haha Probably this weekend! Yikes! We will be cutting it down so hopefully it stays nice and green O_o 

MinaLu the Elf
190$ usd


Francie the Elf
 190$ usd


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