Sunday, October 21, 2012

Candy and Skulls its Preview Day!!

Ahh Happy Chilly October Day! Hope wherever you are you are having a great day too!

Its been an incredible month so far;) I just found out all my kiddos will be here for Thanksgiving! We will be making Haunted Gingerbread Houses! hehe I think that was the clincher :D
My youngest turned 16 :O Me and granddaughter went and saw Frankenweenie woohoo! Hit the pumpkin patch already, House is decorated!

I have 3 Zombie dollies in a Northern California Gallery! woohoo I was accepted into ADO (Art Dolls Only) omgosh!! I have an interview for Cloth and Clay coming up soon! All that and the month will end with Halloween! yes!!!

~Love October~

And Today is Preview Day

I have my final piece for my last series of "If Fairy Tales were Vampires..." And it is Hansel And Gretel. This is the largest scene or shadowbox and pairing of Art Dolls I have ever made. I absolutely love how they turned out and I hope you do too ;)

Next I have a little skullery with 3 and 1/2 Skull masked Goth Girls.

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Ok! So here we Go!

Hansel and Gretel had once been normal children. Enjoying their simple life. When father remarried and evil selfish woman. Their new step mother had thought she came up with the most devious plot to rid herself finally of the children. 
One day after being berated by the step mother, father took Hansel and Gretel out to the woods for a walk. Gretel had overheard her evil stepmother the previous day. She had planned a little surprise for her Father and Step Mother. 
Gretel had taken Hansel to the woods and met with the old Witch who lived in the candy cottage. She made a bargain with her. A plump juicy step mother and a tired old man if she would change them to vampires. The old witch loved a good evil plan. She took them up on the offer. 

The children were quiet and most well behaved. They knew they had nothing to fear for Father had a surprise coming when he tried to leave them behind in the forest. Stepmothers surprise was coming later when Hansel and Gretel returned home that evening not with father but with the old Witch instead....

Hansel and Gretel 
2 ~shadowboxes and old Witch.

Hansel and Gretel approx 10" length "double jointed"
Old witch approx. 9" 
shadowboxes 9"x6"x3" 

$425.00 usd

Daphne Skeleton masked Masquerade Doll
Daphne felt something amiss. Her senses were tingling as she walked out the door. Down the hall she could hear her neighbors fighting and the old cat screeched as it ran across her path.  Something compelled her to leave. She walked to the end of the street and saw a man selling masks. She quickly picked a beaded skull and put it on, it felt right; how she could not tell. Her troubles and cares appeared to vanish the moment its cold surface touched her skin. 
As she rounded the corner a powerful blast was heard and screams from the distance....She did not look back and did not remove the mask...She mused to herself that possibly the gas was left on and maybe the old cat had knocked over her oil lamp. Those neighbors were really getting on her nerves ;)

Daphne Approx. 12" length "double jointed"
with removable mask
$185.00 usd

Rachel Skeleton masked doll

Rachel was thought to be a wonderful person. She was known to help her neighbors and volunteered at the Hospital. 
She was well loved by all. 

Rachel had an unknown motive for volunteering and helping out neighbors, she was intrigued by death. Rachel would make her way to help anyone in the hospital that was thought to be short on time. She befriended her neighbors and suddenly they became ill and needed her help even more. Death was a comfort to Rachel a friendly helping hand she would extend to many over the course of her existence. 

Rachel approx. 10" length "double jointed" 
with removable skeleton mask

$165.00 usd

The Twins Mab and Marisol 
conjoined Twins

The Twins were so shy and could not bear to leave their home. Marisol did all the talking and Mab had not spoke a word in years. Some wondered if she spoke at all. Marisol was the more dominant twin. She lead and decided what activities they would enjoy for the day. But what people didn't know was that Mab was actually leading Marisol. She whispered in her ear every step she should take. She did this without speaking a word. Marisol thought she may be going mad. But Mab was secretly amused. 

Mab and Marisol approx. 12" length 
"double jointed" removable skull masks
$200.00 usd

Well Thanks so much for having a look! I hope you have enjoyed my little creations for this update ;)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fairy Tales, Cirque and Fangs Preview Day ;),

Hello! It's Preview Day and I have some Blood Thirsty Girls! lol

I had a thought if Fairy Tale girls were vampires last week and the theme just sort of overtook me. These are all small Art Dolls under 10" With Fangs of course and the Fairy Tale Girls hold small charms ;)

Shop Update will be tomorrow at 12 noon pst
  Thanks so much!!! for looking at my New Art Dolls ;)


What would her story be?
Red Awoke in her Grandmother's home. She saw the familiar lace curtains the doilies on the table. There was a strange odor and then she saw the mangled fur. She sat up in a lurch and saw granny stepping towards her. Granny was covered in blood and was twisting her apron in her hands, but was wearing a smile? 
"That's my girl...Just like your granny" was all she said.

165.00$ usd~Sold
approx 10"

If Snow Were a Vampire...
as the story goes she had a scary traumatic adventure in the forest. But did she?
Snow liked to collect trinkets of her adventures and found herself with quite the eclectic lot.
A dwarf head, poison apple and many jewels from the mines.
She figured she had earned these...Now where was that evil Queen?

155.00$ usd~Sold

approx 8"

Vampires in the cirque? What a perfect career choice. Keep moving from town to town fresh blood every night. But would this kill ticket sales? Rusty Poupee adored children and what a tasty little snack they were ;)

165.00$ usd~Sold
approx 10"

Greenie so she was named for the sickly look she always held. A new Vampire but longtime member of the troupe of clowns. Feasting on her audience was still a bit unnerving for her ;)

165.00 usd~Sold
approx 10"