Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fairy Tales, Cirque and Fangs Preview Day ;),

Hello! It's Preview Day and I have some Blood Thirsty Girls! lol

I had a thought if Fairy Tale girls were vampires last week and the theme just sort of overtook me. These are all small Art Dolls under 10" With Fangs of course and the Fairy Tale Girls hold small charms ;)

Shop Update will be tomorrow at 12 noon pst
  Thanks so much!!! for looking at my New Art Dolls ;)


What would her story be?
Red Awoke in her Grandmother's home. She saw the familiar lace curtains the doilies on the table. There was a strange odor and then she saw the mangled fur. She sat up in a lurch and saw granny stepping towards her. Granny was covered in blood and was twisting her apron in her hands, but was wearing a smile? 
"That's my girl...Just like your granny" was all she said.

165.00$ usd~Sold
approx 10"

If Snow Were a Vampire...
as the story goes she had a scary traumatic adventure in the forest. But did she?
Snow liked to collect trinkets of her adventures and found herself with quite the eclectic lot.
A dwarf head, poison apple and many jewels from the mines.
She figured she had earned these...Now where was that evil Queen?

155.00$ usd~Sold

approx 8"

Vampires in the cirque? What a perfect career choice. Keep moving from town to town fresh blood every night. But would this kill ticket sales? Rusty Poupee adored children and what a tasty little snack they were ;)

165.00$ usd~Sold
approx 10"

Greenie so she was named for the sickly look she always held. A new Vampire but longtime member of the troupe of clowns. Feasting on her audience was still a bit unnerving for her ;)

165.00 usd~Sold
approx 10"


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