Saturday, September 29, 2012

Steamie Halloween ;) Preview Day!

Preview Day is here again and I am taking a simpler approach.. ;D
Gonna put up a bunch of pics of my New Art Dolls! I am so excited about these. I have not created Dia de los muertos dolls in awhile. These girls just spoke to me! They have removable hats and bright colors that I adore.
Now I have 2 finished and here for preview day but I have one more in the wings. I have not been creating my usual 3's and it's been bugging me it is like I am not complete. I usually have the 3rd ready to go but there isn't enough time to finish or something just get's in the way. So I want this 3rd girl to get listed Monday lol so I am breaking my own protocol lolol.
These girls have leather boots and straw hats that have skulls ribbons and flowers. The hats are removable.

Steamie Halloween Girls. 
I have 3 yes 3 Steampunk Witches. lol And these girls I love too! They just fell into place. I had in my mind that I wanted to do 3 witches. Daughter Autumn just read William Shakespeare's play Macbeth and we were looking up famous paintings of the 3 witches or weird sisters. And well I have 3 daughters I can relate to the weird sister part haha. So they hit a spot with me. Done in Steampunk style with their own little story of course ;) These Girls have leather boots and metal chains and little metal embellishments. They have pointy hats that re not removable.

Shop Update October 1st! 4pm pst ;)
each Art Doll is approx 12" and can be fully posed with "double joints"

There were 3 witches in The Colony Neav, Aven and Maka. They traveled freely throughout the lands because most feared them and their powers. Although pleasant in sight they were not pleasant in acquisition of what they desired.

Neav~185$ usd~ Sold
Neav the Eldest was known to have the power of Time Travel and could venture only towards the past. She had seen what had transpired to bring forth the great grey clouds that had made the earth so cold. 

Aven~185$ usd~Sold

Aven the deceptive sister conjured up apparitions to torment The Colony. She was not so much cruel but felt a good scare was in order from time to time. 

Maka~185$ usd~Sold

Maka the youngest and least vindictive of the 3, had the vision to see into the future. She was pensive but not without an aura of misgiving. 

Faye~175$ usd~Sold
Faye wanted friends who would listen to her woes.
She had a friend or two and a dog named "Bows". 
Sure they listened, but did they really care what she said? 
Sometimes she just felt like she was talking to the dead.

Kae~175$ usd~Sold
Kae didn't like to be messed with. Her plans were solid as a rock. If you toy with her plans you can be sure she will find you and make your day unpleasant.

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