Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hello Autumn Its Art Doll Preview Day :D

It has been 2 weeks since my last update I cannot believe it! But Beautiful Fall has arrived and the acorns have started hitting the house like meteorites in the night! lol
I have had a great time creating these 7 Art Dolls I have for you. I started by making a new set of eyes. They are Honey and Caramel colored Browns, I adore them. Autumn was calling and I think that all the dolls fit the mood.
Some Dolls have new style Hair that is so colorful  photographs cannot capture it entirely. There are critters and spells and the feel of crisp cool nights among these girls. I hope you will enjoy them as well ;D

Below are the 7 Art Dolls that will be listed Thursday September 13th at 4 pm pst to my Etsy shop
Sizes are approximate and prices are shown in US dollar

Just a Reminder

There will be no reserves or layaways offered in this series until the Art Doll has been listed for 5 days. After that time I will take requests for reserves and layaway.
Thank you for understanding. You can read more about my Shop Policy changes on the tab above listed as Shop Policy ;)

This is only a preview please do not send Paypal monies for these art dolls all sales will be through Etsy ;)

Thank you again!
Hugs!! LuLu

Poppy Poupee Could bring the crowds to a roar with laughter. She knew how to turn on the charm and have them begging for more. But only on stage was Poppy this confident and only on stage could she imagine her life. Few have seen Poppy away from the Cirque and I dare say few ever will.

285.00 usd~Sold

Some say Black cats crossing your path are bad luck. Ella thought exactly the opposite. Life was getting a little crazy till the day Stickers crossed her path. Now she wouldn't dream of a day without her

165.00 usd~Sold

Farrell has been living alone for a long time. Dark nights and creepy noises no longer frighten her.  Actually the creatures of the night are her only solice. She longs for human companionship but none dare venture where Farrell resides.

195.00 usd~Sold

Isa was Tired of trying to get her spells and charms to work. She studied and studied but could not get it down the right way. Always a pinch too much crushed bones or an eyelash too few.  Isa just wanted to rest.

195.00 usd~Sold

Moll was curious about life. She wondered why some were so fortunate and lead lives of fulfillment and she had such a modest life. She felt confused at the idea that this was all there was for her. She dreamed of another life for herself and thought if she dreamt hard enough it would come to her. She still had faith and believed that somehow it could happen.

155.00 usd~Sold

Penelope fell once while riding her trike.
She landed so hard on an old rusty spike.

6 months was her sentence in bed she could be found.
There was nothing to do but rustle around..

Tired of drawing and reading books. 
Friends grew tired too of her stares and long looks.

After many long days of loneliness she cried
Mother if something doesn't change I fear I may die

Finally mother presented her one day with a gift
A fine pink brush to give her spirits a lift

She brushed her hair everyday with the pretty pink brush.
Her hair grew longer and pinker and more beautiful and lush.

Soon all of her friends were there by her side.
Its my turn they chimed please let us give it a try.

155.00 usd~Sold

The night was cold and Julienne sat waiting on her porch. He had never been late before what could of happened. The wind blew crisply and ran a chill up her arms. She listened intently for the sound of gravel crunching under tires. But all she heard was the rustle of leaves in the breeze.

305.00 usd~Sold


  1. Ahh, such a great place to visit. Your site never disappoints!

    1. Thanks so much! I feel like I have not done anything in a month! lol

  2. They are all so beautiful, it makes it hard to pick a favorite. I do have a soft spot for pink hair and just love Penelope.

    1. Evelyn Thanks so much! Sorry it has taken me forever to reply But I appreciate the comments :D

  3. У Вас потрясающие работы! Просто не оторвать взгляд!


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