Sunday, September 2, 2012

Art Doll Preview Day! woohoo feels like it's been forever!

Back from Vacation and as usual I feel like I need a vacation from the vacation! lol My mind is energized with tons of new ideas and my sketchbook is full. Just my feet ache still from all the walking! haha
I am in Full Halloween Mode in my studio and just waiting for the moment it is appropriate to decorate the house! Come on Autumn! I feel ya ;D

So Here we Go It's Preview Day! And I Have a bevy of Spooky and Not so spooky treats for ya! 

Below are the 5 Art Dolls and Ornaments that will be listed Thursday August 30th at 10 am pst to my Etsy shop 
Sizes are approximate and prices are shown in US dollar

Just a Reminder

There will be no reserves or layaways offered in this series until the Art Doll has been listed for 5 days. After that time I will take requests for reserves and layaway. 
Thank you for understanding. You can read more about my Shop Policy changes on the tab above listed as Shop Policy ;)

This is only a preview please do not send Paypal monies for these art dolls all sales will be through Etsy ;)

Thank you again! 
Hugs!! LuLu

Some time ago Christabel realized that life or the lack of life is what you make it. 
Every night she plays a game; she waits patiently for her victims to fall into her web of deceit. 
She starts with a bit of conversation, perhaps a complement or a chat about the weather. Her victims gaze into her eyes and are transfixed. She can make them do or say whatever she wants. Christabel loves to play with her food. ;)
Vampire Art Doll~ Christabel approx. 12" length 
215.00 usd~ SOLD

Katinka is from the old country where Vampires are but a tale told by grandmothers and scared children see visions of bloody corpses in their dreams. 
But Katinka is more than a dream, she roams the night and feeds when she likes. Children beware Katinka may steal the night from you. ;)
Vampire Art Doll ~Katinka approx. 12" length
165.00 usd~SOLD

Clea thought she would find some friends at clown school. They would have to like her they all had so much in common. She came up with her own act but they balked at that. She changed up her costume but they sneered at that too. What was Clea to do? She was just being herself but felt they may never accept her.

Clea The Clown~approx. 12' length
165.00 usd~SOLD

Sisters Tallula and Lydia
Left alone at an early age the sisters quickly learned that to survive they had to rely on each other. Lydia was timid but was smarter than most she could always find a way to get what they needed.
Tallula was stronger in many ways than her sister and could block out the bad and kept her sisters spirits high.
The girls thought no one would ever come between them...............

Tallula and Lydia ~ approx 14" each
185.00 each usd~SOLD

Spooktacular fun for your Spooky Tree or whatever you choose ;)
Ornaments~45.00 each usd

Tiny Clown Art Doll Ornaments 4' Length add a little Boo and there are only 2 ;)


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