Friday, September 21, 2012

Some WiP Pics Rocking Horse

Here is my little rocking horse I picked up at a yard sale. I'm not much of a yard sale person but I stopped and this guy was calling me ;) His music box works and all. The lady must of thought it was an antique of great value; she was a bit upset when I told her I planned to repaint him, till I pointed out the made in Taiwan sticker hehe 
He had acrylic yarn and fake leather tack. Ripped all that off and sanded him down. He got a new coat of black ;) 

His mane and tail are Beautiful Suri Alpaca.

New Leather Tack and New painted trim ;)

Even a bow on his butt! 

  I wind him up again and realize he plays "its a small world"!haha
I think he needs a few little people riding him in honor of his song ;)

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