Friday, February 3, 2012


Sneak peek of Arlette ;)

Hospital Gown Zombies! Arlette and Philippa have just awoken in the Hospital from a virus outbreak. Can you tell I love Walking dead, Survivors and 28 days later? lol 

They both wear Biohazard patches on their gown lol
Their eyes are made with a glaze of translucent liquid fimo, I love the hazy look almost like cataracts.
These are on a different armature for me. I wanted their arms to be able to stick out like zombies. The lower arms and legs are sculpted and they are wired to the body then covered with cloth. This way they are poseable and their limbs stay put.


  1. How wonderful!
    I think I have the creepy-crawlies now! :)

  2. Thanks :D My mother(who is 82) says my dolls have thyroid disease! LOL

    Yay Creepy -Crawlies that's what I want to hear! lol


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