Friday, March 2, 2012

Sneak Peek Steampunk Spring Doll Elsie

This is Elsie ;)
She is my first with a sculpted torso showing lol and I have to add what my granddaughter has spoken to me about her belly showing. "the people are not going to like this" hahaha I told her well I don't know? You may be right!

Elsie was born in the Spring of life at the Colony. All of the births in that time had strange light colored eyes and were seen as harbingers of Better times to come.
From an old tattered childrens book the elders saw odd pictures of beings with long protrusions atop their heads. It was then decreed that all Children of Spring shall be identified with the protrusions, well their version of them. ;)

I will be listing her later this afternoon at my Etsy Shop

She is approx. 12" length and has Bunny ears made from giant copper head pins ;) Her clothes are all stained with walnut ink from new and found fabrics. She also has "double jointed" arms and legs which I think I am going to always use from now on ;) Her hair is blue with green and grey tips. Thanks for looking ;)

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