Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wee Wittle Whitley Wabbit ;)

Sneak Peek of My last Wittle Wabbit. I found one more hiding in the rabbit hole. Whitley is shy and gets teased quite a bit about her "W's" But her mother makes her the bestest little outfits that make all the other wittle wabbits jealous ;)
Whitley is approx. 7" length and 4" sitting her arms and legs can be flipped in different directions and she has lavender eyes. She wears fancy Vintage trims and has pink hair. She will be listed on Etsy a wittle wayter todawy ;)



  1. Whitley is so cute!
    and so that was fast!

  2. Hey!!! Geesh! Gone in a flash! Probably that yummy color scheme! Oh well, make another for us!

  3. Thanks! I acquired a hoard of trims from a friend who had an aunt that was a doll maker. Whitley was one of the first to get drowned in the trims. lol


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