Monday, December 19, 2011

Collectors Sneak Peek New Dolls Hana and Button

Collectors :) I am going to start posting my new work here on my Blog before I list on Etsy.

SOLD-Hana is approx. 8" length and 4.5 sitting. She has 3 needle felted wild toadstools with her and wears a matching needle felted toadstool hat ;) She is a froggy kind of girl big dark blue eyes and deep swampy greens. She has a funny little look on her face lol

SOLD- Button is approx 8" length and 4.5" sitting. She wears a hand stitched clown suit in light blue and purple with buttons all around her. But is a sad unsure of where she fits in clown with big violet colored eyes

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  1. They are both stinkin' cute. That's high praise in this household!


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