Saturday, December 10, 2011

Snow Queen

Calista Snow Queen 
She is created with polymer clay and covered with mica "micro pearl" pigment to create her shimmer. She was painted with blue acrylic accents around her eyes and lips so she looks like she has frostbite. lol Her crown is created from a translucent polymer clay and also covered in the mica. The Mica is mixed with a clear acrylic floating agent so it "paints on" and dries.
She has faux fur cuffs around her arms and faux fur around her ankles. Sparkly bits and beads adorn her and some super old Vintage ric rac with silver threads running through it. 

She was a lot of fun to create! Taking photos of her has been a challenge. The mica shimmers and looks different at all angles. lol
She is about 12" in length

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