Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christmas Dolls

I have created 3 actual Christmas Holiday dolls so far. While trying to keep to the mood and the "style" I have found some Holiday is possible for me hehe. The mood is pretty easy so I find the Holidays a bit depressing. It is like a kid anticipating the whoa big day and poof it is gone. It always leaves me a little blue. So I can say my Holiday mood is shown in these art dolls for sure! lol 
Style wise I have kept to the sad faces with the crinkly nose. I find that where the heads were larger in proportion to the body, they are now smaller. I like them this size, I think it makes the hair look bigger :D Staying with the skrinkly noses 4 fingers and toes. Now the eyes I have a bazillion of them, I cannot decide if I want to keep to a certain size, shape or color? Right now I like the variation, I think it gives them personality. But who knows where the eyes will take me lolol

Hollie Holiday- sold

Merry Holiday-sold

Scarlet Jingles-sold

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