Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Doll :D Little Clementine Clown

clown circus goth art doll ghost
Little Clementine. I adore this pic she seems so lonely in the distance! My Tibetan lambswool finally came in and OMGosh I love this for hair. It is the the most Wispiest Wonderful Wool! It's triple W! hahahaha 
So Clementine started out life on the road to a Catrina dia de los muertos. Her lips are down turned and when I started to paint the face paint and stitches along her cheeks well they kind of up turned O_0
She just reminded me of a clown from that point and I went with it. Her outfit is cream muslin with the edges left raw, that is where are the little wisps of thread that are flying around came from. I took black artist acrylic and painted dots on her hat, left sleeve and right leg. She is another small one at 8" to the tip of her hat. 


  1. Oh, bless her little cotton wotzits... very cute...

  2. thanks:)
    lol I love that word! wotzits! :D


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