Friday, March 8, 2013

The Girls of Widows Peak :)

Hello there ;) I am having my Etsy shop update today! 3/8 at 6pm pst.
I have 2 girls for youthis time they are a bit different with smaller eyes and well....a Widows Peak hahaha a big one!
They are done in pale porceain color big giant bows with tiny skulls flowers and buttons. Leather boots and a creepy dispostition :D

The Girls of Widows Peak

Marden and Tayte live on the hilside of Widows Peak. They have become accustomed to the strange noises and visions. Marden believes these strange sightings are signs to her alone and Tayte should just mind her own business and get back to her embroidery. But Tayte thinks there may be something to this and she isn't a scaredy cat after all, so she just may look a little closer ;)

Tayte of Widows Peak
did not care much for Marden trying to make a big deal out of the strange happenings. Yes she knew they existed and she believed they were a message probably, but thought Marden was just a bit dramatic. Tayte figured she would investigate on her own and that would show Marden she doesn't know everything.. 

Tayte $190.00 usd SOLD
approx. 12" length double jointed 


Marden of Widows Peak
heard the sounds and could distinguish voices. She would sit at her window and hear the wind whip around the corners. A faint thump a crackle of branches and then whispers she would say she heard. The next night she heard the same wind whip and crackle of branches she would swear a figure walked down the path. This was not just any aberrations she knew. These were signs meant for her...but what were they trying to tell her? She knew she had a mission now.

Marden approx. 12" length 
 double jointed
$190.00 usd SOLD


Tatty Goth Bear

poor thing needs someone to love

$45.00 usd SOLD


Something new from me
Little bit Tag alongs  ;)

 toy friends for your Blythe or LuLus Apple Art Dolls ;)
or heck just to have :D 

I will be adding to these over the next week

$25.00 usd SOLD


Thanks for looking Hugs!!!

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